Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Programs! Get your Programs!

Our programs are done! One of the first things I wanted to take care of this past weekend was cutting and gluing the program fans. I started with some kraft paper that we cut in half, and then just printed out my program design on some cardstock I had laying around. It was grey, and while at first it sort of bugged me, I decided to just let it go. My STD's were printed on cream, invites on white, so I figured, why not just throw another color in the mix? The only time you'd ever notice would be if they were all laid out next to each other. So, it's whatevs.

I think they're really cute! We tied orange, yellow, red, and brown ribbons on them to go with our colors. The printer was pretty finicky to work with, but eventually everything turned out alright.

I decided to hot glue them after having flashbacks to how dizzy we got using spray adhesive for my friend's wedding programs. They seem pretty darn sturdy, so I think they'll be perfect for the day of!

Since we decided to forgo the chuppah and just create a backdrop, I now have two extra buckets. I thought it would be the perfect solution to pop in our programs! Cute, and in-theme. Now I still have to figure out what to wrangle our cards in...

Anybody else finishing up their programs? What do yours look like?

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Sand Dollar's Bachelorette - Party Time!

Once we dusted off our work clothes, it was time to chow down! Since all my ladies had to travel upwards of 3 hours, we decided to keep things simple and cook for ourselves. And oh my goodness, what a good choice that was! We ate Bestie C's homemade lasagna and salad...

and then Bridesmaid N made what was possibly the best dessert ever. Tiramisu cupcakes!

And Bridesmaid S gifted me with food, which is totally the way to this gal's heart. I heart cannoli like nobody's business, so I was in heaven!

Yum-O! And what bachelorette is complete without a little lingerie? My fab ladies treated me to a lingerie shower! We played "Guess the Panty" and I had to answer questions about Mr. SD to get to open presents. I got 6/10. D is for Diploma right? :)

We had a couple of tuckered out guests...

But we refueled Sand Dollar style! me some strawberry daquiris! We had to take a few prom glamor shots in front of the fireplace...

Then break in the fridge I had chalkboard painted just the day before!

Now it was time to put on our party hats...

And hit the dancehall! We spent the rest of the evening two-steppin' and practicing for the big day. Then we hit up a party Mr. SD was at and let the good times roll all night!

What kind of shenanigans did you get up to on your bachelorette? Did you eat out or slave drive your ladies to the bone and make them cook for you too?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Sand Dollar's Bachelorette - The Craftapalloza

This weekend I was blessed with the presence of six lovely ladies for good food, great conversation, and a huge amount of wedding crafts! We tackled pretty much everything on my to-do list, from programs to buckets. Here's a quick rundown of what I was able to snap a few pictures of:

Over 100 cans were painted. I finally decided just to nix the whole "hole" concept, and paint the cans so I can just plop in a tealight. We'll try to mix up the ones with holes throughout all the tables so it's not super obvious that we crapped out. Here's my paint crew hard at work:

We also threw some quickcrete into our buckets. The two orange ones with wooden poles are now our ceremony backdrop (we bailed on the chuppah and decided to just have the poles hold up my decorations, since I couldn't decide on a top, which will be way easier to pull off), and the red ones will be set up in two lines of six buckets to delineate a dance floor with string lights at the reception.

We'll paint the pvc pipes red to match the buckets, and pop in some fake moss or hay on top so you can't see the hideous gray concrete. After all this hard work, it was time for a quick refuel...

We ran out of soda, so dear Bridesmaid N took the Mettie off to the gas station for a supply run.

Always wear a helmet! We had a little help from these cuties too.

Once we were done with the wedding stuff, the girls decided they wanted to help contribute to the Sand Dollar household. Leaving a legacy was pretty important to them, and it's great to have a piece of each one in such a tangible way. So what did we all do? Well, we started out by busting out the power tools.

I raided my lumber pile, and we decided to build another Rustic Bench for the foot of our Farmhouse Bed. We all had a hand in building it, and if you have a group of crafty ladies, I'd totally recommend this as a fun project! It took about 2 hours and $15 of supplies. Such a little investment for a great experience that gives me something beautiful and useful to remind me of my ladies every day! Plus, I hadn't had a chance (or the funds) to buy chairs for the dining table we built, so this bench pulled double duty as a little extra seating for the evening's festivities. Check out all our handiwork!

Hooray! You can see it's buddy in the background. We're all going to sign the underside of the bench when we all reconvene the party for the wedding weekend. Then I'll sand, stain, and put it in it's permanent home in my bedroom.

That's one long Saturday, isn't it? We accomplished so much! But the fun wasn't over, next up, it's party time!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Chalkboard Fridge

After ogling chalkboard covered everything in magazines and blogs, I zeroed in on one idea that made my makeover list. A chalkboard painted refrigerator! You see, we inherited this perfectly functional yet oh-so-hideous hand-me-down fridge from G-ma. Also, all our other appliances were black, so I felt like it would be nice to have them match. Here's a quick before.

See? Nothing fancy, but nothing worth getting rid of, either. It works great, and looks like every other generic refrigerator. But after my big kitchen makeover, it's much more integrated into the room, and even has more function!

That's my grocery list on the front, and my wedding checklist is on the side. I still need to touch up the floor in the kitchen, but for now I'm taking a well-earned break. Here's how fun it can be, we decorated it at my bachelorette party!

How awesome is that?! It's super cute that all my friends wrote me a little message, and we relived our college doodling days. So there you have it. Take an old fridge and give it new life with just a pint of chalkboard paint!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Before and After: Kitchen

The kitchen, oh, the kitchen. I broke my back over this room. It was the last big project for the house, and I wanted to finish it before my girls all came down for my bachelorette party. It would be the first time we had guests, and I really wanted it to look nice. I spent five days stripping the lacquer off the doors, priming, and painting FIVE coats of white paint to seal everything in. I still have to touch up the floor paint, and spray and reinstall all the hardware, but for now, I am done. I am done with you house! For now anyway. I'm taking a well deserved break. So here we go, for the pretty impressive before and after.











Finishing the kitchen makeover scraped off the last remnant of the old, outdated space. Now the entire house looks cohesive, modern, and country-chic! I'm so in love with everything, I can't believe how well everything turned out. I still have a lot of odds and ends that I have to take care of, but for now, I'd consider this house MADE OVER!

To recap what we did:
• ripped up the linoleum and painted the floors
• painted the walls and ceiling for the first time
• painted the trim
• took down old fan and light fixtures
• installed new lights
• repainted cabinets
• repainted refrigerator

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard at Work

Here's a little teaser of what I've spent the last five days doing...

Stripping all my cabinet doors, painting them, and painting the cabinets. It took a coat of primer and five coats of white paint. I've been trying to whip my kitchen into shape before all my ladies come in for the weekend to party it up before the wedding. We also did the ceiling, the walls, and chalkboard painted the old fridge. Here's a quick refresher.

Much better, eh? I have to finish putting all those doors back on in the morning before I take my quality pics. But for now, I say "Mission Accomplished!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Month Left

Well, it's about that time. After seven long months of planning, I've finally hit that 30 day mark. And guys, I can't wait! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. This weekend my girls are all coming down to my house for a wedding craftapalooza. We'll assemble programs, utensil sets, pole buckets, and drill holes in exactly one million cans so we can paint them and be done with the centerpieces. It's gonna be intense, y'all! These next few weeks will be stuffed full of preparation and progress, I'm going to jump on the dreamer's bandwagon and draw up a little wish list of what I'd love to have, but can never happen.

How I would adore a jukebox wedding. Papa SD is a huge fan, and has one in his office he plays every night. He even found another one for Mr. SD and I to enjoy, though it will play records, it's not fully functional yet. But how awesome would it be to hook this sucker up to the park sound system, load it full of records, and have our guests set the playlist? Um, yes please! But it's just not in the cards for us, no matter how much I wish it were so.

A sparkler send off. Unfortunately we just don't have the budget for this. We're thinking more along the lines of birdseed, though one friend even suggested oats. Oats, huh? I had to stop and ponder that for a minute. Since rice is a huge no nowadays, oats seems to evoke the same sentiment of fertility and plenty. Anybody aware of negative environmental impacts of oats?

Favors. I'm the shizz at microwave bread and butter pickles, I'll toot that horn. In a dream world, I'd make a jar for every guest. But again, the budget says "No dice!"

There are dozens of other things I could rattle off that I'd love to have at our wedding. Signature drinks, real china, mason jar glasses (can you tell I'm obsessed with mason jars?) But not only have I learned to live without, I've thought up unique, crafty alternatives to the things I couldn't have. And you know what? Our wedding will be perfect. 

What have you had to give up because of your budget? Did you come up with a great alternative?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hive, I need a card box. It seems that the hick-town crowd ain't too tech savvy. We've had zero, count it, zero contributions to our honeymoon registry. And with us one month out from W-Day, I need to come up with a Plan B should guests decide to go straight for the source. So what kind of card box should I use that will fit in with our day?

My first thought ran to a pair of boots. Cute, yeah? It would totally fit in, but we'd have to have a sign of course. It seems people around these parts are pretty thick. Next candidate...

A chic, large lantern. How cute is this? I love this idea. And Ross is a prime source of giant lanterns on the cheap.

Use one of our super cute buckets. Most of them are being used to create support pole bases for the chuppah and our dance floor area. But I could spare a couple for a little card catchin'. 

What are your ideas for creative card boxes? Hit me up, ladies!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Beauty Shop Bathroom

So, it makes sense that if I don't have the budget for fancy cakes or rentals, then I can't afford to go to a beauty salon on my big day. NBD, I have a good plan in place. You see, I've got Bestie C. Bestie C is going to school to be an athletic trainer, with big plans to go on to med school to become the first female orthopedic surgeon for the Dallas Cowboys. And yet, she's got a card up her sleeve, with all that intelligence. Girl's a hottie, times four. And she's a whiz with hair. So guess who's doing my hair and makeup? This lovely gal!

Hey Bestie C!
She did my hair for our big engagement shoot, and I got what was probably the best blow out of my life.

Oooooh, pretty hair! I was in love with my hair that day. I couldn't stop flipping it around. When Bestie C and I started brainstorming wedding day style options, we started out with the typical bouncy curls, and maybe a side pony. Then, I looked back at my pictures and thought about how pretty I felt. And how it was the best looking "me". So, I decided, I'm going straight!

It's soft, easy, and oh-so-me. A simple half-up hairdo, I'll emphasize the back with one of my lovely haircombs.

Then for the reception, I'll spice things up a little with a pony and some smoky eyes.

Yup, I'm the bride rockin' gym-hair at her reception. And I cannot wait!! It's going to look great with my short dress and boots. And I'll be comfortable, and feel prettier than I ever have. What's not to love?

What kind of hairstyles did you choose? Are you doing a change-up midway too?