Saturday, July 31, 2010

Before and After: Master Bedroom

It's that time already! We've finished a lot of rooms so far, with only a couple of items left on the agenda (finishing the painting on the daybed, painting the kitchen cabinets). I'd like to kick start our Before and Afters with the room we started in, the Master Bedroom. The rather tragic "befores". Outdated furnishings. Hideous (and greasy) shag carpet. Blah paint. Overall just a big pile of NO.







I am so in love with our room. Our handmade bed, the tall mirror, the paint color, everything. We will have to run a bead of caulk around the top edge of the bed on the back to block out the light from our uneven building job. But other than that, D. O. N. E. It's so nice to check something off the to-do list completely. Everything else will just be additional. I'll touch up the floor paint, patch up the bed a little, maybe build a bench for the foot of the bed. But for now, I'll just soak up the satisfaction of a completely livable, and beautiful, bedroom.

To recap what we did:
• Ripped out the old carpet
• Painted the floor
• Painted the walls and ceiling
• Repainted the trim
• Replaced the fan
• Replaced the furniture

Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Knocked Off: Quiltrack

G-ma has quite a few gorgeous quilts from her hey-day. When my mom and I were cleaning out the bathroom cupboards, we found her stash. Too beautiful to be tucked away in the dark, we had to figure out a way to display them. Instead of going with cheap mdf options from Target or Walmart, we spent $30 on three 1x10x6' boards, a 6' dowel rod, and the leftover leg pieces from the posts on the Farmhouse Table. I came up with the design myself, which is a total first for me. It just hit me, and ended up being the perfect (and simplest!) solution to our problem.

I left two 6' boards uncut, and chopped the third into 3 equal 2' pieces. I drilled a hole in the center piece for the dowel to run through, then drilled them all together. You can't see the dowel here, as it's covered in quilts, but you get the idea. Drill on a few little leg posts, and boom, done! We painted it white, and it's absolutely perfect. I can't get over the fact that I not only built it all by myself (not that it was difficult in the least), but I designed it! In my head! It just walked on in there and I knew exactly how I was going to do it. As a total newbie to carpentry and woodworking, it really gives me hope that I'll excel at this hobby I love so much. Simple, cheap, handmade solutions are what I love the most. And this quilt rack really hits the spot.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Knocked Off: Farmhouse Table

The Farmhouse Table has been in my "build" folder for ages, just begging to be built. We were incredibly blessed to be gifted with a generous amount of Lowe's gift card for wedding presents. So we trekked on down and spent about $150 for lumber on the table and Rustic Bench. This has been the best project we've ever done.

I am floored with how gorgeous it turned out. We have a table and seating for a fraction of factory cost! This is better than what we could have gotten from even IKEA. I initially messed up the stain, as I didn't realize gel stain was so different from water-based. The look is fantastic, so worth the six hours of re-sanding down to remove the goopy, jacked-up stain from leaving it on way too long. More table porn ahead.

I adore the bench. I want to build another one and stain it to match our Farmhouse Bed. Maybe then it would hide the "gap tooth" effect the center 3 boards have on the footboard. We plan on adding four chairs on the table, and having just the one bench. I think it looks fantastic. And for $150 total, you can't hardly beat that price!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Knocked Off: Farmhouse Vanity

It's finally time! After posting teasers ages ago, we've finally finished installing the sinks and faucets in the Farmhouse Vanity. Here's another close up before we get to the good stuff.

We still have to hook the hardware up to the plumbing, but for now, it has the finished look. Remember we built both sinks for a total of $50. Nice when you consider one vessel bowl sink from a big box store costs over $100.

It's glorious. I love the plan, the way it fits, the gorgeous stain, everything. I plan on sewing a skirt for around the bottom inside edge so the repaired sheetrock isn't so noticeable. Here's a close up of the sink.

Don't you just love it? I love the hammered texture and the color. And Papa T (the Boy's dad) picked us up some great faucets (he's a plumber, and we scored them for free!) I can't wait until we get them hooked up and they're functional. Brushing your teeth in the kitchen sink gets old after a while.

Cost was about $60 for this vanity, not including the sinks and faucets. Totally worth it. It's exactly what we wanted, and I could stare at that wood grain all day long.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Knocked Off: Farmhouse Bed Part 2

You've all seen the rustic version of our farmhouse bed. We built it using reclaimed wood stored in my dad's barn, with extra supplies coming in at around 18 bucks. Not too shabby for a bed, eh? After moving it down to G-ma's house, it was time to sand and stain. We wanted to match the sliding closet doors, so a light reddish-brown shade.

We chose Minwax "Gunstock" and I'll admit it. It was a bad choice. It didn't turn out horrible, but it was way more orange than we'd hoped.

I revisited Lowe's to see if we were fooled or just plain dumb. Yeah, we fell in the dumb category. The chip looks exactly like the bed. Which isn't bad, it's just reeeeeeaaaaly orange.

Trust me, you can see it more in real life. And the three lighter wood boards now stick out like a sore thumb. I'm planning on building the farmhouse bench to stain to match the bed, and cover up that awkward spot. For now, I really like it! It's glossy and shiny and smooth. So what if it's a bit bright. I'm sure it will fade over time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Heirloom Guestbook

It's important to me to be able to preserve something tangible from our wedding day. Photos are fabulous, and albums these days are works of art. However, I love the idea of someday having our grandchildren inheriting a memento of the day we began our lives together. That's why we chose to do a quilt for our guestbook.

I think whoever came up with this idea was a genius. I've never really been a guestbook fan in general, so I think joining it with something practical, not merely a display piece, will make me very happy. I'll always think of happy memories as we curl up beneath it together on the couch. I bought a Moda jellyroll from a quilt shop for 20 dollars to make the base from, and plan to supplement it if needed after the wedding. It looks kind of like this.

(from etsy seller Karamat)

Basically it's kind of like a quilt-top kit, where you get 40 pieces of pre-cut, coordinating fabric from the designer's line. Cute idea, yeah? This makes it pretty easy. I also want to quilt it all by hand, most likely with Mr. SD's grandmother, who was an avid seamstress. The problem is, where do they sign? Do I get dark pens and hope they choose to write well? Will it obscure the pretty design? Any of you that have had or plan to have a quilt guestbook with modern fabrics, what did you do? Did your plan turn out ok?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hay There!

Our ceremony is going to be short and sweet. Sometime this month when I get around to it, I'll try to read it out and time it to about 10 minutes. We plan on having our guests stand surrounding us in a semi-circle, however we'd like to have a couple of rows for our elderly guests or those who have difficulty standing for that long. We can't afford to rent chairs, and we toyed with the idea of bringing in mismatched chairs. I'd die if we could find enough pews (I own one, but it's having an extended stay at a friend's house), but it seems benches and pews won't happen either. So what's a girl with nearly empty pockets to do?

Hay bales! How perfect are these? And I adore the quilts. I have one, and Mr. SD's grandmother has about 4 to work with. Won't these be absolutely darling? And the plan is to recycle them over to the pavilion after the ceremony to make a s'mores station. Because everybody loves s'mores! I can't wait to see pro pics of me and the mister roasting marshmallows together. It's gonna be awesome!

What other different seating options have you seen? Maybe you could save a poor needy bride a few extra bucks!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ring Solutions

Another ring post?! Sorry, hive. But, for all you brides out there with spouses in the electrical industry, I have an answer!

Ceramic rings! Thanks for all your suggestions on the last post, it inspired me to keep looking for more options. It seems that ceramic is an insulator, and won't conduct electricity! How awesome is that? Not only are they extremely affordable and durable, Mr. SD can wear it every day on the job and have no worries. Plus, they rarely scratch or break. We went to Kay jewelers to try on a few, they actually have a pretty good selection. You have a few color choices, Kay offered black, white, and pink. We ended up using West Coast Jewelers on Amazon, as they offered the 6mm profile Mr. SD was after for 20 buckaroos. Yup, for the low low price of $26 including shipping, we have his ring! We're over the moon. For all those guys out there eying tungsten and titanium, but choke at the price (or the fear of never getting it cut off!), you may want to look into ceramic.

What kind of ring did your SO choose? Traditional, or crazy modern?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Super Fan

Soooooo.... I got my programs designed! I wanted to keep the style and theme similar to our save the dates and invites. Since we're having a laid-back ceremony, and keeping it at about 10 minutes, I decided not to include an order of events. Here's what I came up with for the front.
I love it! Sums up our entire event. And for the back, I channeled my inner Twilighter.

Aaaah! It's so cute. Mr. SD says he's telling all his friends he had nothing to do with the "teams" (even though he's seen every Twilight at the theater with me). I'm printing each on a separate page, and making fans by sandwiching a fat popsicle stick and a piece of larger kraft cardstock in between and tying it with raffia. I've done this a fair few times for other brides. I do a lot of invites!

And yes, I'm aware of what number these paisleys resemble. But I didn't do her invitations, just her programs. And this motif was on the invite, so it stayed. I like it though. She just needed more mature guests than a slew of college boys.

These will be pretty close, except I'll add the cardstock. Like this.

Pretty, yes? We also spray painted her sticks. This little lady will be in my wedding too! I have some extra paint left from my cans, perhaps we'll spray them. Or keep it natural. I haven't decided.

Anybody else doing DIY programs? What are yours like?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm a Coke Addict

A Coca-Cola addict! I've been chugging this stuff since pre-k, and it's only gotten worse with age. I'm talking a 4-a-day habit, guys. I'm a hardcore user. One thing that really burns my biscuits about the wedding machine is how they almost force brides to try to be their thinnest on their wedding day. Now, I have no problems with presenting a healthy, beautiful you, but since when do we have to hit the gym five days a week for just one day? I don't think it's fair, and though I thoroughly applaud those of you who have the discipline and commitment to achieve those goals, I'm 100% fine with the way I look. It's the exact same way I looked when Mr. SD proposed, and that's who he'll see walking down the aisle.

So what's the point of this post? Health, ladies! Though I don't want to ramp up a crazy workout regimen, I do want to start making better choices about what I consume. Last week I decided to quit Cokes (and sodas) cold turkey, and see how it goes. And guess what? I lost three pounds in three days. THREE POUNDS! I don't say this to brag, quite the contrary. Can you even imagine how much soda I was drinking if the lack of it depletes 9000 calories from a 3 day eating routine? Holy cannoli, I was bad. Slap me on the wrist please! Though the drop has bottomed out since then, I'm hoping to maintain it by abstaining from sodas and hopefully kicking the habit. Then maybe I can re-introduce this liquid catnip by only indulging a few times a week. I can handle that. I hope. 

Has your wedding inspired you to make healthier life choices? What have you improved in your life?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's Chow Down!

As the lovely Miss Husky detailed before me, Mr. Sand Dollar and I are choosing to self-cater. It's been the plan from the start, since we have about $400 to feed 200 people. That's right guys. $2 per person. Not too many caterers are interested in that deal! So how are we going to pull this off? Well, you'd be surprised what small-town Texas has to offer.

First up we have barbecue brisket and sausage. We called around to local grocers and meat markets to get the best price around. The damage? $140 for 75 pounds. Not too shabby, eh? That'll feed everyone easily. And as far as sausage goes, well don't freak out on me. I mentioned before that Mr. SD is an avid hunter, right? Well, that means we've got loads and loads of venison sausage in our freezer. Free venison sausage in our freezer! For those of you who have never had wild game, it is delicious. I'm a convert. 

Next up we have a Southern classic, bbq beans! We're buying a 50 lb. bag along with some seasoning packets and cooking them on-site in ginormous pots. If you've ever been to a crawfish boil, you'll know what I'm talking about. Other sides we want to include are corn on the cob and potato salad. So, if you're counting, that's 2 meats and 3 sides. Seems pretty filling, right? That budget includes food only, not beverages or dessert. So I think we're doing pretty good in keeping with our budget, we may even be able to shave some off the top. 

So who's cooking this tasty grub? One of our groomsmen has a dad that's on a competition barbecue team. What could be better than that? Professional-quality food at rock bottom prices. All for the low-low price of a couple of cases of beer. I wish all vendors were this easy!

Anybody else out there self-catering? What are you serving at your wedding?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Bee's Life: Sand Dollar Edition

How did I find Weddingbee?
I stumbled across Weddingbee in 2007, and backtracked all the way to the beginning. I followed Lemon, Love Bug (still a fave!), Peony and Sweet Pea. I adored each post, and couldn't wait for more. I was inspired to DIY everything, and learned that a wedding is what you make it, not what vendors tell you to buy. 

My application Story:
My winning application was my third try. I had applied once during my first engagement (which I talked about earlier), but my blogging style really wasn't refined enough yet. My second time was just after I got engaged to Mr. SD this January, and I didn't have enough posts. Finally, I just decided to blog for myself, and chronicle all the DIY for my wedding, house, and graphic design biz. I decided to apply again in June, after five solid months of content. I was completely floored when I got my acceptance letter! I'm still pinching myself, and am super glad that the hive is even better than I could have expected.

Why Blog?
I've been blogging on and off since 2007. Some personal, some professional for clients. I started a blog for my design company, and didn't really commit the first couple of months. Once the new year rolled around, I made a resolution to blog every day for the next year. And I love it! I haven't built up a huge readership yet, but that's in my master plan. For now, I'm thrilled to share some of my crafting and design ideas with all of you!

Why Miss Sand Dollar?
I'm moving to Mr. SD's hometown of Lake Jackson, about 15 minutes from the gulf. There were a few options left from current bee generations, and Sand Dollar fit me best. I have one hanging on my cork board. And it doesn't hurt that James Avery just came out with a stunning Sand Dollar pendant that I'm going to drop major hints about to Mr. SD for my wedding present!

On being a Weddingbee blogger:  
Blogging for the bee has been a surreal experience. After two rejections, I never thought I'd be here, and having so much fun! I love reading all the comments, and though I don't always post back, that'll change soon. Once we have internet at the house we're fixing up (Mr. SD's grandma's, actually), I'll be able to interact more. I love all your great suggestions, and can't wait to put some of them in play! I hope you've all enjoyed reading about my wedding plans, and have been inspired to start a few projects of your own.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Mr. SD is in a dangerous line of work, high-voltage electricity plants. They're forbidden to wear jewelry of any kind, especially necklaces and rings for their conductive properties. Even wood is forbidden, so there goes even that option. So what do we do? We've discussed getting him a token ring he can wear when he's not at work. If we do, it won't exactly be an investment piece. We're thinking something like this.

A simple Titanium band from Overstock for about 40 bucks. Or, going to James Avery and picking something out since we have a location in Waco. Maybe one of these?

Mr. SD likes simple and clean designs, and I think all of these are good options. Ideally I'd love for him to have a ring to wear around when he can. And like mine, we plan to start off cheap and upgrade a little later (around year 5). 

Anybody else have a partner who can't wear a ring the majority of the time?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot Bod

Now that we've decided on a cruise for our honeymoon, it's time to start putting together my vacation wardrobe. I'm so excited, it's by far the fanciest thing we'll have done as a couple. In fact, it's our first real vacation together! We've only been on camping trips, so this will be a luxury. I'm one of those packers who has each outfit lined up a week in advance. I don't over pack, but I do like to look cute and have options. I have some cute dresses in mind, but let's start with the good stuff: swimsuits!

I bought all these lovelies from I love that it's a women-powered business, and a Texas-born online shop. They ship everywhere, and have great deals (like joining their facebook fan page for 25% off your first order). Here's what I picked out:

Samoa Dunes by A.Che. I love the pattern and cut, and the bottoms fit especially well. This is more for the bustier set to begin with, I'm a 32A and the smallest top is a 34B, so I had to take it in a bit. But once that was done it looks super-cute! I think I'd wear this one playing in the water, it's very sturdy and doesn't feel like it would ever slip off. Maybe I'll model it for a few lucky stingrays ;)

Sea Side Pin Up by Lady Lux. Holy Cleavage Batman! This suit is S.E.X.Y. I love it. I lust for it. I can't wait to wear it with abandon. Word of advice? Order the bottoms a size up if you're not into mega-skimp. I'm millimeters away from imitating a plumber. So, this is purely a lounging suit. And a get-noticed suit! Lady Lux knows where it's at. Once I can afford to splurge on another, I have the Hot Tamale in my sights.

Golden Carousel by B.Swim. This is without a doubt my favorite suit. It's kind of a "juniors" line, so it fits my petite frame really well. I adore the bottoms, the rings are such a cute touch. And the straps on the back are completely different, there's no tie on the neck, it all loops through and you tighten it on the back. I plan on making this my go-to suit for everyday wear on the ship. I can't wait to lay out and be so adorable! I've never had this many good options for swimwear, normally I'm a Target kind of girl. But there's something about a honeymoon that makes me want to look my best, and as this is our first vacation together, I want to make it special. I feel when I dress well, I feel my best.

Any brides out there stocking up for a cute honeymoon wardrobe?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

TwoGether in Texas

Many brides like to prepare for their marriages by attending premarital counsel. Luckily for you Texas gals, there's another option to consider. A Premarital Workshop provided by the TwoGether in Texas program. It's 8 hours, usually done over two weeknights or on a Saturday, with lunch and cake. You learn about anger management, conflict resolution, financial styles and other big relationship hot button issues. The point of the workshop isn't about counseling you through your individual problems, it's about equipping you as a couple to have the best skill set available when you do face tough times in your marriage (or engagement).

You may know that I am a graphic designer. My company works with the nonprofit provider in the Dallas area, ANTHEM Strong Families. Taking one of these classes gets you a $60 discount on your marriage license, which is huge for budget brides! And the best part? All the classes are free! So not just free education, but lunch as well. Can't beat that! As part of their marketing team, it was required for me to attend one of the workshops so I could get a good understanding of what went on. And being a good little girlfriend, I made Mr. SD tag along so I wouldn't feel lame being there alone. And as luck would have it, we got to use our certificate! We took the class while we were dating, and Mr. SD proposed six months later. The certificate is good for a year, so when May rolled around we strolled on down to the courthouse to tie the knot legally before the wedding. Trust me, it wasn't for any romantic reason. Mainly he needed to move in with me, and as I'm not a strong activist for shacking up together (even though statistics improve exponentially if you live together as engaged couples over dating couples) we decided it would be best to keep our parents happy and be a good example for his little sisters by doing things the old fashioned way. Plus, we now won't have to get anybody ordained to perform our ceremony. Double bonus!

Overall, my review of the class was good. We didn't have the best instructors ever, they were a bit cheesy. But you get good materials, and they provoke a lot of good discussion points. Plus, the food and cake was tasty. It's well worth the sacrifice of one Saturday. You can check out the website to find a provider in your area, and see what class times are offered. I can't say enough how important these workshops are. They're non-religious, but many churches have become providers so they can add a religious aspect to the education vibe. So go check it out, and get your certificate this summer!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Canoe Lust

Mr. SD and I love the outdoors. The first joint purchase we made was a canoe, and we've trekked it around to lakes and rivers all over central Texas. After seeing images like this, I'm dreaming up ways of incorporating our canoe into the wedding reception.

How awesome would it be to serve drinks from our canoe?! I have to have this. We were thinking of buying galvanized tubs, but this would be so much cheaper (and easier to wrangle than 10 separate tubs). I'm trying to talk Mr. SD into going ahead with this, but he's afraid all the ice will melt. Southern Texas is hot, y'all, and crazy muggy. But, his idea is to just borrow a bunch of ice chests. Stained, ugly, gross ice chests. How tacky is that? I'm gonna get me my canoe bar, if it's the last thing I do. 

Are you incorporating anything unique into your reception? What is it?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Different Kind of Fine

Before Mr. SD proposed, I made sure to prime him with ring styles that I loved. I searched exclusively on Etsy, and found the perfect seller, Single B jewelry. I loved how unique everything was, and organic. She uses recycled silver, and conflict-free gemstones. They may not be traditional bling, but they fit my style perfectly! Here's the one Mr. SD chose for me.

(yes, Mr. SD hid the ring in his dip can. Klassy. He's since quit, 4 months straight! Woohoo!)
It's a green moissonite set in recycled argentium silver. Green is my favorite color, and I love the durability of this stone. It's a 9.5 on the hardness scale, so it should survive all my klutziness! I love that it was:
a) extremely affordable (as in, $150)
b) durable (I never have to worry about where I wear it), and
c) unique

For the wedding band, I plan on going this route.

I'm a sucker for symmetry. It makes me smile every time I look at it. We plan on doing an upgrade around our 5 year anniversary, if we still feel like it. But right now, I'm in love with my ring. I get a few odd looks every now and then, and I do experience twinges of jealousy when I see other ladies bling. But when I remember just how perfect this ring is for me (usually when I realize I'm using harsh cleaning chemicals or the skill saw) I feel grateful that I have a man who knows me so well.

Any ladies out there pimping less-than-traditional rings? What do you have?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And Now, the Heavy

This is going to be a really hard post for me to write. I apologize in advance, it's probably going to be on the longer side, but I want to make sure to cover all the bases. To begin, I have another confession.

This ain't my first rodeo. You see, I had a wedding before. In fact, you can see it here, on Weddingbee. I'll hit it from the top. I met my ex the week before college classes began. He was my first real love, and we dated for three and a half years before we had a wedding. My parents hated him. My friends hated him. The only person who ever spoke up was my mother, and every daughter knows your mom doesn't know anything anyway. So I never listened. In the beginning, things were fine. He was a bit controlling, yes, and slightly critical. But signs weren't blatant that things would turn sour. He would say things like, "Those jeans make your ass look flabby" or "You shouldn't move your arms like that, they jiggle really bad". Underhanded criticisms that aren't explicitly bad, since it's just the jeans and the motion, right? Not me.

So, we had a wedding. A beautiful, gorgeous wedding. Looking at the pictures, you never would have thought that the next day he would start hitting me. I'll never forget the first time. We were in a hostel in London. I took a shower, and stashed my locker key (which held my passport, wallet, and other valuables) in a pocket of my bag. Once I was done, I looked for my key but couldn't remember which pocket I stashed it in. And lord have mercy, all hell broke loose. He ranted and raved, whisper-yelling (as it was 6am) how I was stupid, useless, a moron. How the hell could I lose something so important? (mind you, it wasn't lost, I knew it was in my bag, it was just taking me an extra five minutes to locate it) Then he punched me. Hard. In my lower back, on my spine. I cried. He got in my face and told me to stop crying, I was shaming him. He said he wished he never married me. On the first day of our honeymoon. And things only got worse.

He limited my calorie intake to 1400 per day. I would try to sneak snickers and cokes while I was at work, and would "cheat" by eating subway sandwiches instead of the slimfast he mandated. I was 5'4, and 105 pounds. I was seriously underweight, and he literally pushed me through workouts, running behind me and physically pushing me to go farther, faster. I would pass out. He constantly criticized me, and it quickly became more public, when he would call me a fat ass in front of his friends. He would bruise my arms by gripping them so tight, slamming me up against walls to scream in my face for serious infractions such as: leaving crumbs on the counter after dinner, "talking back", not hearing my phone ring when he called, or GOD NO! accidentally dropping his iphone. He started hitting me more and more frequently. Never drawing blood or breaking anything, but enough to bruise and belittle.

You may be thinking, why did you put up with it? Growing up in the Bible Belt with extremely conservative Baptist parents instills pretty deep in your core that divorce is not an option. I did everything I could to be perfect, to keep the anger at bay. It was six long months of misery. You can't win in an abusive relationship. I was never thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough. I'll never forget the last night he hit me. He was drunk, as usual, and was trying to eat chicken nuggets but kept passing out with them in his mouth. I was trying to get them out (gross, I know) when I flippantly mentioned that he can't die yet because I can't pay his debts off alone. He backhanded me across the face, knocking me to the ground. Things only accellerated from there, it was hours of "punishment". I decided to speak with a counselor, who advise me to leave immediately before I wound up in the hospital. On December 4, 2008 I received my annulment.

Then I met Mr. SD, and I believed in marriage again. I still have my bad days, but we get through them. I've read a lot of worrying threads on the boards, and want to encourage you to take a look at this website if you are concerned about things in your relationship. Emotional abuse is a serious issue, and more often than not progresses into physical. This behavior is never ok, and people who suffer from it should seek help immediately. Please contact a counselor or do some research and save yourself from the cycle of abuse. This is Miss SD steppig off her soapbox now.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where My Girls At?

The SD Bridesmaids have an easy lot in life. As our wedding is pretty darn casual, we decided to make things as simple as possible for the guys and gals standing up with us. I wanted my ladies to love me without having to spend an extra dime on a dress and shoes and accessories just for one day. So, I decided: Let them wear black! Every lady has a LBD, and this will add to the country chic vibe we've got going. Bridesmaid N above is modeling her choice, and I believe she already wore it in another wedding. Double duty!

Sister SD shows me her choice as well (though I may convince her to wear the black ruffle Express dress, I wore the pink one at our San Marcos Shindig). The one request I made was for them to wear cowboy boots. Every gal has a pair, and I don't even care what color they are. I've seen brown boots go great with a black dress when there's a boho leather belt involved. I know one is going red, and a couple will wear black. I really hope they play it up with loads of chunky jewelry and fun accessories. And the butterfly bouquets will really pop against the black!

Anybody else letting their bridesmaids wear their own dresses? What did they pick?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Making an Exit

Mr. SD and I want to exit with a bang. Since we're on a super-crazy-mega-budget (I believe I've mentioned it before, in pretty much every post!), we have one of two options. First, let me set the scene. Indian-Summer night, twinkle lights, tin cans and mason jar candles, barbecue, and pie. Lots of drunk country folk. Which is the better choice?

First up we have Mettie, or my Honda Metropolitan. Cute, classic, and oh-so-chic! Would look darling with cans, ribbons, and a just married sign. Mr. SD says it's too girlie. But I think it could be a really fun option!

Across the ring is Suzi, aka Mr. SD's Suzuki Samurai. A total muddin' toy, she's compact and could still be made wedding-worthy with some cans and a sign. Plus, we could always blare some farewell music, and pack frosty beverages in a cooler in the back. Definitely the backwoods option.

So what do you think? Should we go classic or country?
A) Honda Metropolitan
B) Suzuki Samurai