Monday, November 1, 2010

Somewhere Down in Texas: Video Stars

I mentioned before that we would be DIYing our wedding video. Bridesmaid Stacie's sweet husband Kurt was awesome enough to volunteer to be our videographer. We had a tripod, an HD camera my mom gifted me (for her baby Sand Dollars she is convinced will be along asap) and a Macbook to get it done. I used iMovieHD to edit everything, and burned a super cute DVD using iDVD. Seriously, it's awesome! We have chapters and music and menus, and it's mega cool!

I was a little worried that it would turn out to be super cheesy, but it really is pretty cute! Yes, it looks like a home video. No, it doesn't make it any less awesome in my eyes. My mom was right when she said I'd want to see those little moments again. I love that I literally bounced up and down to dance with my friend Christian during the dollar dance. I love hearing our ceremony, watching us cut cake, the whole shebang. I edited a "full-length" video that's 30 minutes long, and includes the entire aisle walking, ceremony, dances and tosses. For some reason we didn't get any of us driving away, but that's ok. Here I'm going to share my 7 minute highlight video, so you can see just how country-chic we cowboys kick it down here. Enjoy!

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