Monday, November 8, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

Getting an album made can be one of the most daunting tasks post-planning. Which company do I choose? What layout? Paper quality, finish, cover stock? It's overwhelming! As quickly as I wanted to wrap up the whole wedding process (as is evident from my recap schedule, I like to wrap things up in a very neat package as soon as they're done) but I didn't want to become overwhelmed with dedicating so much time to an album. Especially after I had spent so much time editing and creating a wedding DVD. So, I decided to create a brag book, with blurb.

In short, a brag book is a small bound book printed with most of your wedding pictures, in a single-photo-per-page layout. It's normally also given as a gift to parents so they can easily tote it around and show the photos to all their friends, hence the name Brag Book. I chose the 7x7 square from Blurb, and for just under $35 (after finding a free shipping coupon) I received a 165 page book with the premium paper upgrade. I chose Blurb simply because I had used it before, and have always been really happy with the results. About a week later, I received my book.




I used their software, Bookify, to layout my pages. I love that you can use custom fonts on your covers and spine, I was able to use the ones from all of our stationery! They also give you a ton of layout options. I know I mentioned that most are a single photo on each page, but for a few pages I had 2-4 photos that covered the same kind of theme. Here's a couple of snapshots of the interior.

The color and quality is amazing. And as I alluded to the title of this post, I had a pleasant surprise once I looked through it. Seeing this cute little book, I no longer wanted an album! I thought I had perfectly summed up our wedding in the pages provided, from the getting-ready photos to the exit. I got my fix for larger images through printing photos to frame (which is what my next post is all about), so I don't feel like this one is lacking in any way. I have my wedding album!

Have you chosen what kind of album you'll have post-wedding? Did your photographer include it in your package, or did you choose an online company?

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OctPumpkin said...

Thanks for the review. I am looking to do a photo book in the coming weeks and I, too wanted something nice but not super fancy and expensive. Especially since I want a photo book for my engagement pics and for my mom, and so on.

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