Saturday, November 13, 2010

Moving on Up

I decided it was time to make the switch. Blogger has been great to me, but I just couldn't find my groove design-wise. I wanted the larger functionality of wordpress, and also wanted to reinvent things a little. Sprout Graphics is my graphic design business, and my blog has outgrown that immensely. So, I came up with a new name for my reinvented blog.

Killer b. Design. If you're a follower (and that means I love you!), please switch your readers over to I'm still hashing out the look, but at least now the name isn't quite so confusing. It's all about design, whether it's graphics, decor, furniture, or the million other DIY projects I have going on. So, a big thank you for following me this far, and I hope you make the switch with me!

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