Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Knocked Off: Simple Daybed

It's been months since I posted my teaser pictures from the Simple Daybed I built with my brand new sister-in-law (who insists it's just "sister", isn't that sweet?!). We had a lot of difficulty building it, mostly because it was the first thing I was building without the mister, who does a lot of the grunt work. It turns out, building with heavy lumber like this is really hard without the right tools. We broke about 5 drill bits, had to deal with the creepy Lowe's dude who cut our pieces all off, and had to call her dad at least 3 times to help us out with stripped screws (which meant the grinder had to come to our rescue!). But girl power prevailed, and we came out with this:

The 1x6 facing boards were the only new wood on the bed, everything else was salvaged, including the rails (not shown in this image). I think this is the last "nice" furniture build I'll do with salvaged wood. A lot of it is warped, beat-up, and cracks really easily, even when pre-drilled. I think I'll just have to save the salvage for projects that are supposed to look weathered. Though the price has been right, and I can't complain. I finally sanded, painted, and put on all the bedding. I think it came out quite nice, as good as it could get given the circumstances! My boxer Rory was snoozing on it, and generally can't be moved once she gets into sack-of-potatoes mode.

See? Warped 2x4's left gaps. As did the too-short cuts on the facings. But you can't really see it unless you're really looking over the bed.

It cost $60 for the new lumber, and the screws. I think I kind of got the shaft on this one, I'm not really sure how it came out to be so much. Maybe I bought other stuff with it at the time? I can't remember, only how much I paid on that day. The bedding was all handmade as well, I'm smitten with Free Spirit's Deer Valley fabric. It complements the color on the walls so well. It's also reversible, the bottom has the striped fabric from the pillows, and the pillows have the deer fabric on the back, should I ever want to switch things up.

So there it is, my first lone build. I had to have the mister come in and make it more sturdy, we added cross bracing, tightened some screws and added a few more. Now it's solid as a rock!

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mum2abby said...

This looks fabulous! I really love it. I'm planning on doing a daybed as a couch in one of our rooms soon. I'm going to get one of those pop-up trundles so I can transform the daybed into a kingsize bed when couples come to visit;) This looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing:)

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