Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's All in the Framing

While stumbling around on some wedding blogs, I came across the cutest image. It was a framed wedding invitation, but there was something new added to it. The invite was matted, and written on the mat were words used from the ceremony. I was so inspired, I had to do it myself the week I got back from our honeymoon! I headed straight over to Hobby Lobby to take advantage of their half price frames, and found a couple of mats (I needed to do one for myself and one as a gift to Bridesmaid Stacie, who's invites I designed and then spent a harrowing weekend making and assembling pocket folds with her) and bought a handful of colored pens. Here's my quite lovely result.

Instead of words used from the ceremony, I chose the songs we walked down the aisle to (The Day Before You, for Stacie, and Bring It on Home, for me). She loved her gift, and I love displaying mine in my home. I built myself some gallery shelves for 10 bucks each (I built the desk too, for about 20 bucks) to display a few wedding photos and my invite. I also tossed a couple of the bridesmaid bouquets inside some of my centerpiece cans.

Love it! Now to just build myself a new chair ;)

Do you plan to display your wedding invitation? How did you do it?

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