Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family Pictures

My mom really loves to take family photos every year in November, so she can make Christmas cards. So this year, we packed up our pups and drove down to San Marcos, to fill a weekend with deer hunting, furniture moving, furniture building, and picture taking. The mister was really just concerned that the photos ended with enough time for him to hit up his deer blind.

 Getting us all organized.

 Dogs not paying attention...

 Would be good, if pups weren't cut out!

 Almost there...

As good as it's gonna get!

We took them on my parents' land, on a patch of driveway (it's about 1/4 mile long!). We used my Canon Rebel, and had a friend snap the shot. Only in Texas will you find 70+ degree temperatures in November. At least it's getting a bit brisk in the mornings!


Lynn said...

I'm here from Ana White. Everything is beautiful! How awesome are you!?! My real question is about the brindle dog, though. What breed is it? Boxer Mix? We have a very similar looking dog we rescued.

Brooke said...

Hi Lynn! She was actually being sold not to far from this location when I got her. She's a papered full-bred boxer, but I have my suspicions that she at least has quite a few recessive traits. She's a lot smaller than most, and doesn't have the signature snout. But if yours does the "butt-wiggle", it probably has at least a little boxer in 'em! ;)

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