Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Canvas Pop

About a million years ago, I won a prize from Apartment Therapy for a Canvas Pop $25 coupon. The one and only time I won a blog prize, hooray! Maybe someday I'll win some more. But I digress.

Once I figured out a size I could afford, 8x10 (I needed to pay an additional $16 for taxes and S&H), the hard part was deciding on an image. I played around with a few, and finally decided on a ring shot I took at the inn we stayed at just after he proposed. Now, 8 months after I received my canvas, I mounted it on a spare piece of MDF.

I think I've decided to dedicate my gallery ledges to a wedding display. I got carried away putting things up on them, and now it just looks all jumbled. So it's time to edit and see what I come up with!

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