Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Yudu Test

Like many other crafty bloggers out there, I bought the Yudu screenprinting machine. After quite a few t-shirt runs (I sold about 500+, so more than enough to cover the cost of the machine and supplies) I was burnt out on 200 shirt runs per screen. Burning the screens was particularly difficult for me, I never got the hang of it. I would constantly bubble, chip, or ruin the emulsion. Dozens of prints were ruined. So, I gave up. That is, until I read online about using cardstock and spray adhesive to create an "emulsion" on a screen. So, I gave it a shot.

Step 1: Print your image out on cardstock. Cut out with a craft knife. Spray adhesive on the back, and adhere it to your screen.

(The red is a stain from my wedding Save the Dates. Luckily I'll never have this problem again! ;)

Step 2: Use packing or scotch tape (or any kind of tape, really) and tape around your edges. This keeps the ink from spreading onto unprotected areas. Ink your screen, and squegee the ink across the image.

(things are looking good so far!)

Step 3: Lift up the top of the press, and reveal your print!

(woohoo! A perfect print! I rarely had these before with Yudu emulsions)

I tested out a few prints with the screen I made, to ensure that I can get a few passes with cardstock. I chose cardstock over other papers because I thought it would be thick enough not to bleed through with a lot of ink. Luckily, I was right! I'm so crazy excited about this, it opens up a whole new world of screenprinting to me. Now, I can't get intricate details like small text with this method, but I can get large words and images to print clearly, which was extremely difficult before. And another plus? No special cleanup! I no longer need the special emulsion remover to get that nasty green screen off, which would leave residue and block up my screens most of the time anyway. I have three screens, and I can maybe use about 20% of each of them due to blockages. 

Here's what I was greeted with once I peeled off the cardstock.

A perfect selection of ink. Gorgeous. I cleaned the ink off with water, then used my steel wool that was already slightly soapy to get the rest of the spray adhesive off. In about 15 seconds of cleanup, I have a perfectly reusable screen! HOORAY! Now just to get to the projects when I get to use my new method. My first idea up is on some painted wooden boards, I'll be sure to post it once I do it!

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