Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Somewhere Down in Texas: Sugar High

One of my favorite parts of any wedding is the dessert. I love checking out the cake, and seeing what other kinds of goodies we have in store for us. My own wedding was no exception.  In fact, the first thing I did after we cut the cake was make myself a s'more, then go back for another slice of cake! It's a win-win, you know.

First we had to light that sucker.  Nothing says romance like a propane blow-torch, right? In fact, that cutie in orange was the man responsible for our carved out tree heart. So tree-huggers, you can blame him. Apparently he has a fascination with destruction.

Yum...melty marshmallows. We all had a total blast with these. But enough about campfire treats. Let's get to the good stuff, the cake!

Yay! It turned out so cute! The one sad note was that it was so immensely humid that it turned stale pretty much instantly. Oh well. We ended up tossing it into the fire pit later for added entertainment. How's that for a country wedding?!

How adorable did his fish cake turn out?! It looks fantastic! I was completely blown away. 
And if you recall, this cake cost us zero dollars. My MIL has a neighbor and close friend who bakes these amazing cakes, and generously gave it to us for the cost of ingredients (which my MIL covered). Again, one of the highlights of my day. It seems I actually have a lot of those! After we admired them for a good long while, it was time to hack away. We cut and served both to each other, just for good measure.

While the Krispies cake was a little chewy, the groom's cake (which was half chocolate and half strawberry, yum!) was delicious. I had two pieces, one of each flavor of course! I have to say, cutting the cake is a great tradition. You get to beat everybody out to the good stuff ;) Once we finished chowing down, it was time to brush off our dancing shoes and hit the floor for our First Dance!

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