Sunday, October 24, 2010

Somewhere Down in Texas: Money Shots

You remember all that great light we had for our ceremony? Well, in case you don't, it looked a little like this:

I know formals can be pretty boring, but in my case, I actually love them! Those shadows are just so epic, and the sun behind the guys reminds me of a very dramatic dvd cover ;) 

We started doing a couple of artistic shots after the very generic lineup. I like to call this one, "Demanding Diva"

I'm not too sure what was going on here, but apparently everyone is looking to me for direction. It makes me giggle. So, I commanded them to JUMP!

Check out the height Stacie got on the far right. She rocks my world. I kind of wish my dress didn't blow up like a balloon, but whatevs. Perhaps, if you're planning your own jump shot in a chiffon dress, you should kick your legs up like some of these gals are doing. I don't know, I'm just an awkward jumper. Now, to blaze through these next few, we have some family shots. I think Mr. SD resembles his dad quite a bit, especially after he accumulates the same amount of freckles from working in the sun for 30 years.
His parents, left, and mine, right. My dad hates photos, if you didn't notice!

His mom and stepdad, with his sisters.

 His dad and stepmom, and little brother and sister. I find it hilarious that they all look so different! And that his little brother is gonna be a beast, while he's a little shorty like me ;)

 Gradma Bobbie, who is the coolest lady in town. She gave us her house to rent, and is basically just kickass. She did a lot of raising for Jacob, he lived with her a good many years. I love that we're starting out in a home with so many memories.

My parents and sister. And now, for my favorite series of the day. Me and my sweet little ring bearer Taylor, aka T-bone, the T-man, and just T.

 He calls me his Tante Brooke (he was born in Germany while his parents lived there). He's basically the coolest cat around. I love him times a million, and he still calls his parents guest room "Brooke's Room" from when I lived there for a few months (reminder: his mom is my boss of sorts, and was our awesome event coordinator). This one is also a keeper for the albums.

Mr. SD and his sweet sisters. His family loves this shot. Basically Mr. SD is like some kind of Prince in his family, and they all think he's the greatest. I guess I'm lucky I snagged me a royal! :)

So there you have it, some pretty fun formals. They're colorful, oozing with good light and shadows, and aren't stuffy at all. Now I'll fast forward back to the reception, where the party is just getting started!

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