Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Somewhere Down in Texas: It's All in the Details

This is going to be my favorite post of all time! There's just something about detail shots that speaks to my soul. I think it's that they fully express all the creativity and individuality of the couple and their wedding. For me, I poured my heart and soul into every last craft project, and it's such a rewarding feeling to see it all look so beautiful in photographs. So, here we go!

Right when you walked into the Pavilion, you were greeted with our killer programs in these vibrant buckets. This also served as our guestbook table, and a place to feature Mr. SD's boot.

It was very important to the mister to have this boot at our wedding. Apparently, it was featured in his parents' nuptials. Mind you they divorced a year later, but I'm not one to hold with superstition. In fact, those flowers in there weren't an original plan (which was, NO FLOWERS AT THE WEDDING!) These were conveniently nabbed from the house, which were given to me by said husband as an "I'm-sorry-I-stood-you-up-for-dinner-and-forgot-to-bring-you-cokes-because-I-spent-three-hours-at-the-gun-range" present from earlier in the week. So I think we're off on the right track! Here's another angle of the table, with a couple of lanterns borrowed from my bride-friend Meagan.

In between these two sat my adorable little sign and quilt setup.

I decided to go with the hive's suggestion and just have two guestbooks. And I'm so glad I did! Everybody had no qualms about signing both, and they each turned out looking fantastic. We have such sweet messages.

One unexpected thing was that guests mixed up the fabric and paint pens and used them on both "guestbooks". I love how it turned out on the bench, but you can't read the silver quilt swatches. Which is no big, really, since I plan on embroidering over all the words anyway to better preserve them. So, if you're thinking bench sign-in, I would definitely recommend using 2-3 colors, probably in the same color range. Or just play around with it. It's your day, so have fun!

If you are on the fence about a s'mores station, my advice is to go for it! We had such cute pictures, and happy guests. People love s'mores. They're easy, and fun cause you get to play with fire. One other piece of advice. Be super careful when transporting your things back and forth. People just piled stuff into the backs of cars, and both my apothecary jar and cake stand shattered. Sad day :( I'll just have to wait until HL has another 50% off sale so I can replenish my stock.

Mmmm...light. The place looked so great all lit up in string lights and lanterns. They were a PITA to get up there, but were so worth it! I want to re-use all those lanterns and create a super fun studio, with a cloud-like ceiling full of 'em. Then I'll get to think about our wedding day every day! Woohoo!

It was way too windy to use our chuppah, which at first I was sad about. We re-purposed it and tied it to the entrance, which turned out really cute. As a side note, I have no clue who this kid is. He's a wanderer from one of the eight thousand peewee football games going on around us. Punk.

My perfect cake topper in action. I thought you deserved a little teaser, since I'm covering desserts next! It was so cute, and totally fit the look. 

Oh, did I mention that not only is bride-friend Meagan generous, but she's brilliant too? I had no real plan as to where I was going to put the mason-jar candles. There was only enough for about 1 per table, and it looked kinda dumb. Then Meagan had a brainwave, why not line the stage with them? And oh my goodness, it was seven kinds of lovely. One of the best details, hands down. You should always let your brilliant friends suggest things at the last minute, because then you get really really happy whenever you glance at them all night, thinking what an ingenious idea it was.

Our rings, lookin' all indy and fly. He messed up the alignment on mine a bit, but it's still pretty cool nonetheless. I went and got them soldered together this week, so I have an engagement sandwich. It looks really good, I love wearing it everyday. Mr. SD is still trying to get accustomed to his, but he's getting there.

Last but not least, the adorable sign my mom made with her Cricut the week before the wedding. She totally came through and made me some signage for all the drinks and beer, and they looked so incredibly cute! I love the little Western people. Though if I ever wore a vest like this in real life, I hope you'd call Clinton and Stacey for me ;)

So we've covered all the little details, now it's time to overdose on sugar!

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