Saturday, October 30, 2010

Somewhere Down in Texas: Going Going Gone!

Well, it's that time. Time to wrap up my recaps with our big exit. I polled the hive to help me decide between my scooter and Mr. SD's mud-hoggin' Suzuki Samuri. Well, the hive has spoken!

My mom made the adorable little sign on her cricut, and laminated it just in case of rain. That icky rope is a remnant from our earlier preparations, where we literally had to rope off between each huge support beam to keep annoying soccer families out. When I say these people were rude, I mean, they were RUDE! One woman hounded me for twenty minutes about where I bought my lanterns, which at the time I had absolutely no recollection of which website I used or how much they were per lantern. Another rude-ass family was just chilling on the stage when we were trying to line up the candles on it, and when I asked them to move, a middle aged woman asked what we were setting up for. I told her it was a wedding (not mentioning I was the bride). She looked at me skeptically and said "Why? It's going to be awful, you're all going to get poured on and die in this humidity." Yeah, thanks, Little Miss Sunshine, way to stress out a bride EVEN MORE on her WEDDING DAY! Old crone. Anyway, water under the bridge. We roped them off and kicked them out and good riddance I say. So much for the legendary hospitality of Texans!

I bought a giant tub of birdseed for ten bucks at Wal Mart a few days prior. I have no idea how everybody got some or who passed it out, but having them in the same cups as the drinks weren't a brilliant idea. One girl came up to me later, apologizing profusely, because she accidentally tossed her beer on us instead of the seeds! Luckily she was too drunk to have great aim ;)

Off we go! We decided to do a little lap around the block and soak in all this wedding business. And I'm soooo glad we did! It was the first time we'd seen the pavilion lit up from afar, and it was ridiculously impressive. I was so happy after that, knowing that at least everything was decorated well. We had a very fun wedding, the food was delicious, the cake was stunning, and there wasn't anything at all I could shake a stick at. I have great pictures, celebrated with wonderful friends, and can't believe the generosity of everybody in our lives who helped us pull it all together. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all you ladies in the hive who have encouraged me with your wonderful comments and suggestions along the way. It's been an amazing experience!

Don't cry yet, my dearies, this isn't my last post. I still have a lot in store for you, with all these post-wedding projects (like my video, and prints, and so much more!) Can't wait to share it all with you, because as you may have already figured out, the wedding doesn't end after the reception. There's still more to be done!

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