Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Somewhere Down in Texas: Gettin' Down

Ok, we're now back on track, whew! Once we had taken all the pretty pretty pictures, I swapped out dresses and donned my cute little ponytail. We were introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs!

Confession: This was hands down the most awkward part of the day. People kind of clapped, a little bit, but not really. Pretty much the only thing they were thinking about was the food. We didn't know what to do, so basically we just wandered out into the middle of the space and waved like beauty queens. Then I yelled, "Let's eat!" to which nobody responded. Awk-ward... But then I was distracted by plates of yummy brisket and potato salad and beans and corn and YUM! For some reason we have no pictures of this, but it's probably a good thing, as I gorged myself silly. I got thirds, guys. And I'm proud of it!

How stunning is this image? Our party was so lit up! Of course, this gives you a good look at how empty things were, too. Like I said earlier, we had over 150 RSVP, and maybe about 75-100 tops actually show up. I want to punch the skippers in the face, because they suck. Yes, you, guest who RSVP'd yes so I'd buy you dinner and save you a seat and have beer and cups and forks and plates for you and then you DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP, you suck, majorly. So please, people, be nice to your host and let them know if you're coming by the date requested, and then stick to your decision. End of public service announcement.

A few other good tips for you brides to be:

1. Hydrate. You're totally going to need it for all your fun dancing times, and talking to all your guests.

2. Laugh with your bridesmaids, and enjoy yourself with your friends. Yes, you need to talk to Aunt Sally and meet Uncle Jim. But frankly, this is your party, and everyone else will enjoy themselves more if they see you're having a good time too!

3. Take lots of photos with said friends and guests. Because your photographer will see you doing this and take cute pictures.

Once we finished eating, cut the cake and did our first dances, my band dudes got down to business.

As did all the guests!
Another PSA for you. For some reason, the groomsmen felt it was A-OK to change into more, shall we say, "comfortable" clothing for the reception, as if perhaps pictures wouldn't be taken of this part? I'm not too sure. But as Bridesmaid Nikki called him, "Redneck Cutoff Guy" was actually a groomsman. Yes, ladies, and he wore this to dance with me during the dollar dance. I told him in punishment we would publicly mock him, so please, mock away! And don't let yourself get too ruffled by these sorts of things, because frankly, most men are idiots and will call you a Bridezilla if you protest. So I just let it fly, and laughed at him the rest of the night. Which, alas, is ending soon! The fun doesn't stop here, though, we still have the tosses to do!

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