Saturday, October 23, 2010

Somewhere Down in Texas: Dancin' Shoes

After we cut the cake and chowed down on desserts, it was time to work off all those sweets with a little dance action. We cued up the music to Josh Abbot's "She's Like Texas", and hit the ground two-steppin!

I'd like to take a moment and gush on my photographer for another quick minute. If you recall, the lighting for the ceremony and group shots was warm and yellow and dreamy. You can tell, once the sun set, the overhead lights in the pavilion were harsh and dramatic. I love that he was able to master both conditions, and really produce great shots in completely opposing light conditions. I'd definitely recommend checking your photographer's work to be sure that they can take great shots in any lighting conditions, because with super contrasting, low-light situations as this, you can really get hit-or-miss photos if they don't know what they're doing. Just a little advice before you plunk down that credit card!

This one's another runner up for favorite shot of the day. I've totally already gone and blown it up and framed it for my house!  It's so sweet, and neither of us are making awkward kiss faces. Definitely a keeper. And if you've done any good country dancing, you know that you spin around, a lot! This is the same way we took a snapshot to create our cute cake-topper.

Once we finished showing off (not really, we're pretty average in the two-stepping world), we cajoled our parents onto the dance floor with Cory Morrow's "Always and Forever".

Yay, parents! Now that we finished with the whole "all eyes on us" parts of the reception, it was time to kick it into gear and have a blast with our friends! We chose two songs for the Dollar Dance, Old Crow Medicine Show's  "Wagon Wheel" and "A Lotta Boot Left to Fill" by Eric church. I love these pictures, and we got some great video of it as well (which I finally finished editing, so we'll have a cute highlight clip coming up soon!)



Another big favorite. Bridesmaid Nikki lived just down the block from me in Dallas when I first met Mr. SD. We went to high school together, and found out after I'd moved to my apartment that not only did we live in the same city, we lived right down the street from each other! Our friendship kicked into high gear, and she was always there for me and the mister when our relationship just started out. I love that she loves Mr. SD, and he feels the same way. It just doesn't get any better than that! While he danced away with one of my besties, I hit the floor with Destructo-boy, Blake, who happens to be a fabulous dancer. We did the "twisty-bobcat-pretzel", as Sandra Bullock would say!

Not gonna lie, I totally study the film so I can master this dance move on my own! I felt like a really jazzy dancer while he was whirling me around the floor. It's one of the moves in country-swing-dancing, which if you've never seen, you definitely need to check it out on You Tube! It's crazy fun. We had such a great time kicking-off the dancing portion of the reception with our crew. Speaking of crew, I completely forgot! Tune in next time for a little rewind back to the end of the ceremony, when we took some killer bridal party shots!

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