Sunday, October 17, 2010

Major Score

Sometimes your friends really know how to come through for you. The mister and I were talking about our new plan for our media center. We really want to build the Apothecary Console by Ana White.

Looks pretty cool, huh? I'm super excited! After we chose our piece, we looked at the cost. It was a little out of our budget for this month, so we resigned ourselves to putting it off until November. That is, until we called our Groomsman Cory! Aka best groomsman in the world! Turns out he had about 15 sheets of 3'x8' MDF just hanging out in his garage that he's been trying to get rid of for months. So guess who scored a ton of free MDF?! How exciting is that?! Now I not only get to build this project, I have a few more that have been waiting in the wings that are now on my immediate to-do list.

I can't wait to get started! So many projects, and so much time and supplies! Now that the wedding is through, I've got all sorts of time to fill with cutting and drilling and sanding ;)

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