Friday, October 29, 2010

Knocked Off: Parsons Desk

The last time I posted about my guestroom closet slash office, my desk looked like this:

A clunky old piece of furniture original to the house. It was actually built in to that section, with these hideous cubbies that made for an unattractive nook. We knocked out the built in cabinet, and I added the gallery ledges. I'd thought that I could live with just painting the desk and adding some new hardware. Then I saw this:

I had to have it. The sleek lines matched perfectly with those ledges, and I was so in love with the look. I shortened it a little in length from 60" to 50", so it would fit well in my space. I built it entirely by myself, even cutting the mdf down to size with my table saw. I think it turned out really well!

It looks so cute! The old desk had a glass top that I'm going to cut down. There's also some fabric that I'd like to make a sort of runner out of, then I can change out the patterns whenever I need a color update. I have another mini office update coming up, so stay tuned!


Stacie said...

That whole section looks absolutely fantastic. Well done, friend!

D-L said...

Where did you get that chair? I love it!

Brooke said...

@D-L, it's actually a $10 Target folding chair, they come in about 5 different colors.

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