Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Knocked Off: Apothecary Cabinet

So, we bought a new tv. As in, a huge 55" monster tv. If you recall, we had our old 32" model chillin' on a vintage sewing table that came with the house.

Obviously, not the ideal setup for a much larger tv. We had to set it up there temporarily, and it overhung the sides about 5" each way. So, I used the mdf generously donated by a friend, and went to work!

The drawers fit like a glove, as did the cabinet doors. I still had a bit of work to do, getting everything prepped to paint, but overall it was looking good. I learned a fantastic tip online about mdf edges. If you smear a little drywall compound on with your finger (I used DAP), it gives a smooth, clean edge just like a sanded surface. Brilliant! I painted the whole thing brown, brushed on a weathering texture gel, and topped it with red door paint. I love the look.

I have really low-lighting in my house right now for some reason, hence the garish hue it's displaying. It's much darker and more subtle in person. I used a gel stain for the top boards, the same we used on our Farmhouse Table. I just wiped on and immediately wiped off to give it a lighter tone.

I need to clean and retouch my floor paint! The doors and drawers also need a little lubricating wax on the edges. Once the weight and paint was applied, they fit a little tighter than their raw version. So you have to wiggle 'em to get anything open. I think a little lube will fix that right up ;) Overall, I'm really happy with the build, and even happier with the $40 price tag. That includes the paint and hardware. Mind you, the sheets of mdf were free, and I used about 3-4, including the drawers. I decided to forgo the false fronts, making it a not-so-apothecary cabinet. I think the look is perfect for our room!

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