Thursday, October 7, 2010

Building Spree

Lately it seems like I just need to build. The plans over at Ana White have been so inspiring, not to mention the facebook fan page of everyone's brag photos. The hubs and I promised his little sister to redo her bedroom for her birthday. Our budget was $150, and it looks like we'll be right on target. We started by building her a the Simple Bed in full size.

We started painting it white today, and it's looking great! We're going to paint the walls a nice rich plum to match her new comforter (not the one in the image). I also built her a nightstand from a 10' 1x12. It turned out ok, it looks a lot better now that it's painted.

I still haven't mastered shelves, obviously. The bottom one is the most level, you just can't tell in the picture. With a little more practice, maybe I'll get the hang of it. I figure I got at least 30 years ahead of me ;)

These ledges were posted on Ana's blog late last night, and was the whole reason I tromped over to Lowe's first thing this morning. Aren't they stunning? I chose to do 4' widths, to fit the empty space above my unfinished craft table.

They turned out great! I still need to paint, then harass the hubs into helping me hang them.

I must have chosen more expensive wood, as the 4' shelves were $10 each, and she got 8' ones for that much. But still, 30 bucks for custom shelving is way cheaper than I'd pay at Pottery Barn, or even Walmart for a solid wood 4 foot long ledge. And I love 'em! I can't wait to get them finished and up on the wall. I'm working on organizing all my closets so the house isn't so chaotic. It seems that since I've come home from the honeymoon I've turned into a total slob. Not sure how that happened, but here we are...

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