Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wrapping it Up

As the countdown continues to dwindle to barely a handful of days, I find myself wanting to shirk off all the important tasks at hand (making the cake, paying the security officer, yada yada...) and deciding to tackle more craft projects. Because I am a craft addict. First up, another bridesmaid gift! I decided that two handmade presents weren't enough, so how about 3? I wanted to make some pretty, fun rice-filled "eye-masks" of sorts. Basically, if you fill up a cloth container with rice, you can microwave it for 30 seconds to make a heat pack, or toss it in the freezer for 30 minutes for a cool one. I love to use them on sore muscles or puffy eyes. I'm not sure what they're really called, but all I know is I made some pretty cute ones for my girls!

I sewed a heart on each side in the reverse-side fabric (because everything should be reversible, in my opinion! And decided not to sew them shut, but to have a button and loop. The rice-pack is slipped inside, should they feel they'd rather have a fabric pouch than a heating/cooling thingamajig. And just to refresh, here are their other two gifts:

Handmade headbands, and cute upholstered letters! I think they'll like everything. Though I had a tiny budget ($30 for six girls!) I feel like I stretched it a pretty long way.

In other news, the hive voted, and I listened! We'll now be doing the guestbook quilt AND bench! I'm really excited about it. I love the idea of snuggling up with the quilt on our bench. So, because I felt like 297 tasks before the wedding wasn't enough, I decided to decorate the bench a bit before everyone signed it. So, I painted it white, then added the art from our programs on it. Wanna see?

It turned out really cute! We have silver sharpies for all the signatures. If you're wondering how to do an easy transfer, here's a quick tutorial.

1) Print out your artwork. Doesn't matter in what color, just needs to be the right size.

2) Scribble pencil all over the back where you'll be transferring. I prefer old fashioned pencils for this part, they give you more even coverage.

3) Flip it over, and lay it right side up on your project. Using a fine-pointed pencil (mechanical works great here) trace over your outline. When you remove the paper, you'll see your outlined work.

4) Trace over it with paint/pen/sharpie/whatever! And fill it in if you like. Then you're all done!

Our bench is ready to go! We have a couple more things to wrap up, but these two projects have been my favorites. I can't wait for the wedding to finally get here to see everything in action!

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