Monday, September 6, 2010


Who would've thought one little card could cause so much frustration? Especially one as cute as this!

They seem so simple. Check one box, write down a number, and pop it in your mailbox. Well, there's less than 3 weeks to go, and we received less than half of our RSVP's back. LESS THAN HALF! This is ridiculous! I mean, it's even already stamped! I've lost at least 20 bucks alone from not getting these mailed back to me. And the thing that really burns my biscuits is that when we have to call people to find out if they'll attend, they have the nerve to get all pissy about it! Sorry guys, but if I'm throwing a big party, reserving a seat for you, getting food cooked for you, providing you with dessert AND free beer, the least you can do is let me know if you'll be there or not. So sorry to inconvenience you with a text/phone call. Am I wrong to get so riled up about this? If, for some crazy reason or another, I didn't mail back an RSVP as a guest, I would call or email the bride to let her know my attendance. I knew our society is losing all our manners or etiquette, but since when is it ok not to let the host of a dinner party know you'll be in attendance?

Oh, and I ALWAYS send a gift. This is just common courtesy. A good friend of mine had her wedding in mid-July, and she said a good quarter of the guests did not give a gift. I'm sorry, but I find that just plain rude. And the kicker? My FMIL was one of the offenders, and a good chunk of her guests are mine too. I couldn't believe it. So, not only will we have to worry about not knowing how many will show (and bring uninvited extras – let's not forget how many people ignored their envelope and added up to FOUR extra guests), we may not even get a paltry gift from them either. This makes me very happy we're not breaking the bank on this shindig. And whenever I get worked up into a frenzy about it, Mr. SD just writes it off as "no big deal". So, it's official, hive. I am 100% a bridezilla when it comes to this whole guest list / rsvp thing. I am angry, and I feel like I have every right to be. Rant over.

What about you? Did your guests respond promptly, and/or give you if not a gift, at least a card of well wishes? Is anyone out there being driven as crazy as I am?!?

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js said...

whoa! i hope your guests don't read this blog...haha! and yes it makes me just as pissy. you go to a lot of hard work preparing, etc for your party, and then to just be blown off is very irritating. the no gift thing happened to me and i was ticked...hope they enjoyed their FREE food, jerks!

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