Thursday, September 16, 2010

Please Help Me... I Can't Stop Myself!

Oh, Elephant, why did you have to torture me so?!? You posted this picture yesterday, and now I can't get it out of my head.

I haven't thought of this idea in AGES, since I followed Mrs. Apple Cider in the first place. And then you go and post it willy-nilly and throw me into a tizzy. All I had to do was flip my computer over to Mr. SD and simply say, "Look at this". We had the whole sneaky smile thing going on. It's awesome! And we already have the bench built, the one my bridesmaids helped me with during my Bachelorette Craftapallooza.

I literally just took this out to my garage and sanded it yesterday in order to paint it this weekend, until I read Elephant's post. I had planned to have just my girls sign the bottom, then paint it white for the foot of our bed. But now, I can have everybody sign the top, and it will be even more special. But what about the quilt?

I'm not sure if I want to lose the quilt. It's such a cute idea, and still something that will hold a lot of meaning for us. So, while I was writhing in agony, Mr. SD announced that we will let the hive vote. You won him over with the last one, on what we'll ride away on (which will be my cute little scooter) so we need your help again! Should we do the bench, or the quilt? Or should we do both? Are two guest "book" options too many? Will people do one or the other? I can make a new sign no problem, but is it asking too much? I don't want to go over the top with too many unconventional ideas. So cut a girl some slack, and tell me what to do!

a) Quilt Guestbook
b) Bench Guestbook
c) Both!


Anonymous said...

a) Quilt much cuter idea in my opinion

Sarah said...

because...what if you move... are you always going to have a good place for the bench or will it end up getting pushed aside somewhere... for keepsake purposes that could be more difficult.

js said...

a) quilt

the bench could be thrown away or something similar (pushed aside, placed in garage, etc.) if you ever change your house aesthetic but a quilt can always be placed in a closet for wont throw it away!

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