Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Must. Stop. Dreaming.

I have an addiction to crafting. I've purposely forced myself to shelve my supplies so I can set a limit on all my wedding crafts. But that doesn't help all the daydreams of projects I so want to do...

I love Taylor. And I love this idea! How cute would it be to string up pictures of us at the entrance of our reception? Adorable. But Mr. SD would kill me, I'm already asking the boys to hang 40 strands of string lights and 50 paper lanterns. So, buh-bye cuteness.

A pretty cardbox. At first I struggled, searched the DIY section on the bee forums, then just decided to borrow a friend's birdcage for it. These two are mocking up my cake, and will be used as the Rice Krispies molds, so they'll get all greasy from the butter. Oh, well. A bird cage is still a really cute option.

Handmade, non-floral boutonnieres. My FMIL asked the mister if they were having any, and seemed a little disappointed when the answer was no. As they're only wearing shirts, no jackets or vests, I thought they would look out of place. But how much fun would it have been to bust out the ribbon and glue gun again? I'm going to have to open an etsy shop after the wedding to offset all my crafting urges!

Chair decorations, especially these adorable paper ones! We're already outlining the aisle with bright yellow pinwheels, but I'd still like to go the whole nine yards. And now, for my crowning glory.

The ever-adorable, painted furniture cake table! I want, want, want this! I even have a piece in mind, and an aqua paint can available...but alas. I can't. There's no way I can convince people to move this behemoth at midnight after the wedding. But a girl can dream, right?

Are there any crafts you're being forced to just-say-no to?

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