Monday, September 13, 2010

A Last Minute Addition

I've heard lots of bees gushing about their wedding videos, and choosing their videographers. And I have to admit, I was jealous. Very jealous. We didn't have any wiggle room left in our budget, and have been facing financial hardship left and right on the home front, so it's definitely not been something I thought we could swing. Mama SD offered to pay for one, but I couldn't ask her to spend more than $1k on one and still feel good about getting Christmas presents this year! Besides, everything I found in that budget was super cheese. 90's music, horrible montages, and grainy videos. Not something I would spend money on myself, so I didn't want my mama to either. Yet she was adamant that I have some kind of video documentation of our day, that we would want to watch it someday down the line. So that's where this baby came in.

An HD video camera! Looks like I'm getting an early Christmas present anyway. Plus, this is something to keep well after the wedding day, to document babies and baseball and who knows what else. I feel like this is a much better investment than paying a grand for someone's time and a cheap-looking DVD I'll never want to look at. Our plan is to set this baby up on a tripod and film our ceremony, then do the same for our first dances and other big moments. And to keep the do-it-myself momentum up...

I'm going to edit it on my Mac with iMovie HD! I know. I'm crazy. I'm sewing my own quilt guestbook, making my own cake, writing my own ceremony, cooking food on-site (well, not me, but it's still self-catered!), and now making our own wedding video. The only vendors we've hired are the photographer, and the band (and we all know how well that turned out!) Everything else is all being done by us. And you know what? Instead of feeling cheap, or poor, or super lame that we have to do it all ourselves, I feel empowered. So what if we can't afford to hire people? We have capable hands, and a lot of friends. We're going to have a great time, no matter how much money we spent (or in our case, didn't spend) on this wedding. I don't have to worry about crazy vendors, waiting on their schedules to line up with mine, or compromise my vision. This wedding is going to be exactly how we want it. And the fact that we're the ones making this happen is a very happy feeling for us to share.

Did you decide to DIY something you thought you previously couldn't afford? What did you do?

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