Friday, September 3, 2010

Keeping my Cool

So here we are, at 22 days out. Most brides are finishing up any DIY projects, finalizing contracts, and getting payments together. Me? I'm just trying to keep from running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We were dealt a hard blow, guys. Our band double booked us.

Our crazy-awesome, all-our-guests-were-excited, favorite band screwed us over, three weeks before our wedding day. And I'm not gonna lie, it sucks. Mr. SD grew up with the drummer. In fact, he was even supposed to be in the wedding party (and is featured on our programs, which I REFUSE to reprint and cut and glue. Ain't gonna happen!) We had already paid them, and unfortunately only had a handshake agreement due to the whole friendship thing. No contracts, nada. It's partially our fault for that one, but we've talked about it so many times over the phone, and through email, and at their last gig at the end of July. So it's not like this wedding snuck up on them. They just blew off writing down the date and signed a contract somewhere else. So what are we going to do?

Option 1 - If we get the money back:

We've got a band that fits the bill. My boss's husband Will was pretty big in Germany some years ago, and started up an American band to play gigs here and there. Overall, I'm sure the music will be better, as they play mostly cover songs. The old band played all their own music, but as all the guests were big fans we all knew it. Oh, well, I'll take this silver lining. It looks pretty promising that we'll get the money next week, then we can book these guys for real. The good part here is that the guitarist is already a confirmed guest, so I know he'll make it.

Option 2 - No Money Returned:
We iPod the whole shebang. Will (our replacement) said he would happily play for us for free, but I'm not sure on just having a solo guitarist. Plus, if I can't pay him, I'd rather he enjoy himself as a guest than have to take on such a big job. We'll see. I'm really hoping we get that check.

So lesson learned...ALWAYS get a contract. Don't listen when your mister says it's all taken care of. He has no idea what he's talking about. I'm just thanking my lucky stars this happened with the band, which I had a great plan B for, as opposed to say, the guy cooking our food, which then we'd be SOL.

Anybody else out there hit with a a surprise cancellation? How did you deal with it?

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