Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Engagement

 When you get to the end of things, you start remembering how they began. Seems I've not posted about our engagement story, so for all you romantics out there, here it is.

After dating for just under a year, Mr. Sand Dollar decided it was just about time to pop the question. He may have been nudged and bumped (or beaten) into this decision with a little help from me though ;) He had me completely thrown off the scent that it would be coming soon, and he swore up and down that it would never happen on my birthday or any other significant holiday. So when he mentioned that he had a surprise weekend in store for me as a birthday present, alarm bells didn't immediately set off. I was just excited to finally get a weekend away!

He was so sneaky! I should have known, he had been calling my Bestie E to have her help surprise me. All I'd known was that we were going to Dallas, my old stomping ground. Once we pulled in to a beautiful b&b though, I knew something was up. The innkeeper was on the phone, so we killed a little time wandering around the gorgeous place admiring the Christmas decorations. He didn't even seem nervous, we just chatted up a little small talk, and admired the belated Christmas decorations until the time came to check in. It all went smoothly, then the innkeeper said I had a little paperwork to take care of too. Then she handed me a paper titled "Will You Marry Me?" with little boxes for yes and no. But here's the best part. I turned around to see him on one knee, pulling the ring out of his dip can! Oh yes ladies. Nothing gets more romantic than this!

(personal photo)

It's a toumaline set in recycled argentium silver from Etsy seller SingleB, for those of you who missed my post. I love having such an untraditional engagement ring. He had me completely surprised. I burst into wild laughter, accused him of lying, punched him in the shoulder, then exclaimed "No freakin way!" and shed a tear or two.

Definitely the best birthday/anniversary/engagement weekend ever. We followed things up with a trip to the DMA art museum (breezing through at a cool 45 minutes), ate lunch at a niche restaurant (Cowboy Chow, for you Dallas kids), stopped by my friend's bridal shop Providence Place to play around in poufy white dresses. Then a casual night with my best friend and her family with a little ice skating tossed in. I have to say this was hands down the best birthday ever. We'll see what he comes up with next year!

How did your SO propose? Were you surprised, or did you know it was coming?

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