Sunday, August 8, 2010

Send in the Boys

I've covered what I'm wearing, and what my ladies will be donning. But what about the boys?

Mr. SD and I can get swanky sometimes. Here we are at the fabulous Rockwall Idol. He may look completely identical to this on our wedding day, except with black boots instead of those fugly brown ones, and a white button up. He's pimpin' his black cowboy hat, starched jeans, black button-down shirt, and a sport coat. I'm actually trying to talk him out of the sport coat. I know, what kind of bride tries to talk her groom into something more casual? David Tutera would scalp me, I'm sure of it. To his defense though, doesn't he look studly in a tux?'s just not him. And would be leaps and bounds overdressed for our humble party. His groomsmen will be in jeans, boots, and black button up shirts. Besides, what women doesn't go weak at the knees for a cowboy? Here's the hunk who will be playing our music as we mosey on down the aisle.

My heart would be wasted on a city boy. I'm probably going to sprint down the aisle towards all those beefcakes standing up there! So to recap:
Groom - white pearl snap shirt, black hat, dark starched blue jeans, and boots.
Groomsmen - black pearl snap shirt, dark starched blue jeans, and boots.

What are your men wearing? Anybody else out there throwing tradition to the wind and having them wear jeans?

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