Monday, August 30, 2010

A Sand Dollar's Bachelorette - Party Time!

Once we dusted off our work clothes, it was time to chow down! Since all my ladies had to travel upwards of 3 hours, we decided to keep things simple and cook for ourselves. And oh my goodness, what a good choice that was! We ate Bestie C's homemade lasagna and salad...

and then Bridesmaid N made what was possibly the best dessert ever. Tiramisu cupcakes!

And Bridesmaid S gifted me with food, which is totally the way to this gal's heart. I heart cannoli like nobody's business, so I was in heaven!

Yum-O! And what bachelorette is complete without a little lingerie? My fab ladies treated me to a lingerie shower! We played "Guess the Panty" and I had to answer questions about Mr. SD to get to open presents. I got 6/10. D is for Diploma right? :)

We had a couple of tuckered out guests...

But we refueled Sand Dollar style! me some strawberry daquiris! We had to take a few prom glamor shots in front of the fireplace...

Then break in the fridge I had chalkboard painted just the day before!

Now it was time to put on our party hats...

And hit the dancehall! We spent the rest of the evening two-steppin' and practicing for the big day. Then we hit up a party Mr. SD was at and let the good times roll all night!

What kind of shenanigans did you get up to on your bachelorette? Did you eat out or slave drive your ladies to the bone and make them cook for you too?

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js said...

do you have the recipe for the Tiramisu cupcakes?

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