Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Programs! Get your Programs!

Our programs are done! One of the first things I wanted to take care of this past weekend was cutting and gluing the program fans. I started with some kraft paper that we cut in half, and then just printed out my program design on some cardstock I had laying around. It was grey, and while at first it sort of bugged me, I decided to just let it go. My STD's were printed on cream, invites on white, so I figured, why not just throw another color in the mix? The only time you'd ever notice would be if they were all laid out next to each other. So, it's whatevs.

I think they're really cute! We tied orange, yellow, red, and brown ribbons on them to go with our colors. The printer was pretty finicky to work with, but eventually everything turned out alright.

I decided to hot glue them after having flashbacks to how dizzy we got using spray adhesive for my friend's wedding programs. They seem pretty darn sturdy, so I think they'll be perfect for the day of!

Since we decided to forgo the chuppah and just create a backdrop, I now have two extra buckets. I thought it would be the perfect solution to pop in our programs! Cute, and in-theme. Now I still have to figure out what to wrangle our cards in...

Anybody else finishing up their programs? What do yours look like?

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