Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Poor Bride's Dress Fitting

You may remember my experience with fitting my reception dress. It's not too difficult to hem a short dress yourself, you just need a dress of the desired length to use as a reference. My ceremony gown proved a little more difficult. I needed to get it at the perfect length, with my boots on. Obviously it's impossible to do yourself, as bending over bunches it all up and you'd cut it like a first grader. That's where these lovely ladies come in.

Miss Johnnie and Judy the Seamstress to the rescue! I planned ahead of time to take my gown to my San Marcos Shindig so that I could enlist someone with steady hands to chop my gown to length. Little did I know that my mom had plotted to jump Judy at the party to utilize her pro skills, and make a mini party out of it.

Please excuse the quality of the photos, little old ladies get pretty excited and aren't exactly concerned with paltry things such as composition, or making your model look good! I look pretty frazzled. But here you can see just how long this sucker started out.

So by looking at these pictures I can see that I have horrible posture!! Put those shoulders back, girl! Plus, I wasn't supposed to look down. You can see how successful that was. Hey, at least it all turned out ok! And seeing the dress again reignites my love for it. I'm getting pretty darn excited to wear it for real!

Look at them so hard at work! I'd feel bad about making them hunker down, but then Miss Johnnie popped up and hopped on my mom's elliptical. She's a spry one.

Ah, the last time I'll see my train! I'm so happy to see it go. As usual, everyone tried to talk me out of it because they couldn't see my artistic vision. But once it was gone we all agreed, it looked a hundred times better. And much more "me". Now I just have to sew up the ends to make sure it's all neat, and that's that! I'm glad the rest of the dress fit like a glove, thinking about doing more alterations puts me in a sweat. I have a million other things to get through, just under six weeks to go!

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