Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh, Sandy!

Thumbing through one of my mom's more recent James Avery catalogs, I found what could potentially be the best accessory I could possess on my wedding day.

Guys, I need this pendant! It would be my wedding-day Weddingbee shout out! How can I pass this by? Plus, with the whole coastal scene and vibe (loose, but it'll be there) it would be perfect. Way more chic than my original idea of a chunky turquoise necklace. Plus, I could forever commemorate my days as Miss Sand Dollar. At 100 buckaroos, it does give me a little pause. I wouldn't necessarily consider this a "wedding" purchase, since I'll be wearing it with pride regularly. It's totally my style. But we're really in a financial crunch this summer, and I don't know if I can justify such a frivolous purchase. I've tried to cajole Mr. SD into buying it as my wedding present, but then he got all excited about me buying him a pistol for his, and that whole budget idea flew out the window. That boy has expensive taste. And about 25 guns already anyway, why does he need another one? But I digress. I'm sure I'll break down and buy this for myself, as I really think it's the perfect balance of chic-meets-beach.

Were you surprised at a source for one of your wedding purchases? What jumped out at you out of nowhere?

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