Monday, August 2, 2010

No Pillows Please!

I knew from the start I wanted a wooden ring "pillow". It's country chic, and super cheap! So I sent Mr. SD to his work ranch in search of a stump. Here's what he came home with.

A nice raw slice of cedar. If you're not familiar with cedar, I just want to tell you how delicious it smells. It's heaven. I sanded it down smooth, cut up 4 ribbons in our colors, and voilĂ !

Ring holder! I love it. It was simple, easy, and turned out fantastic. And you can check out Mr. SD's ring in real life. Pretty, yes? He hasn't seen it yet, I moved to Lake Jackson and he still has three more weeks of school. So this weekend I'll go for a visit and we'll see how it fits!

So who's carrying this beauty? This little sweet pea!

He's my friend's son, and is the sweetest, most precious little boy I know. I can't wait to see him dressed to the nines in cowboy wear, he'll be absolutely adorable.

What did you choose to hold your rings? Was it traditional or unconventional?

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