Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Online Relationship

With my Photographer! I did two things the week after I got engaged. I booked MacLean Park, and put down the deposit for my photographer. You'd think by my quick action I had done a lot of research, but no sir. I found them and hired them pretty much on the same day. So who did I choose?

The Pros! I searched all over google to find someone within my price range, which was under a thousand bucks. It's really hard, you know. I didn't want to get stuck with an uber traditional style, or someone who would take horrible photos of my shindig. Most got knocked out due to price alone. Then finally, the heavens parted and I found these.

I was in shock. Photos this gorgeous for that price? For just under $900, I got six hours of coverage by this fabulous photographer, and all rights to my images. No extra fees! I was blown away. I loved the style, the colors, the modern point of view perfectly balanced with the traditional. It was who I needed! So I jumped on it, and never looked back. I even took the advice of a friend and previewed 4 of his full weddings, and the quality never fails. Plus, each had over 700 images. Which is way more than I could even think of what to do with!

The only part that gives me pause is, well, I've never actually spoken to my vendor. I spoke with the customer service agent, who was super sweet and helpful. But that's it. I feel like things could turn out so much better than I'd hoped, or completely go down in flames.

Did anybody else choose a photographer solely off the internet? Have you worked with The Pros before? Are there any other crazies out there like me??

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