Monday, August 23, 2010

My Beauty Shop Bathroom

So, it makes sense that if I don't have the budget for fancy cakes or rentals, then I can't afford to go to a beauty salon on my big day. NBD, I have a good plan in place. You see, I've got Bestie C. Bestie C is going to school to be an athletic trainer, with big plans to go on to med school to become the first female orthopedic surgeon for the Dallas Cowboys. And yet, she's got a card up her sleeve, with all that intelligence. Girl's a hottie, times four. And she's a whiz with hair. So guess who's doing my hair and makeup? This lovely gal!

Hey Bestie C!
She did my hair for our big engagement shoot, and I got what was probably the best blow out of my life.

Oooooh, pretty hair! I was in love with my hair that day. I couldn't stop flipping it around. When Bestie C and I started brainstorming wedding day style options, we started out with the typical bouncy curls, and maybe a side pony. Then, I looked back at my pictures and thought about how pretty I felt. And how it was the best looking "me". So, I decided, I'm going straight!

It's soft, easy, and oh-so-me. A simple half-up hairdo, I'll emphasize the back with one of my lovely haircombs.

Then for the reception, I'll spice things up a little with a pony and some smoky eyes.

Yup, I'm the bride rockin' gym-hair at her reception. And I cannot wait!! It's going to look great with my short dress and boots. And I'll be comfortable, and feel prettier than I ever have. What's not to love?

What kind of hairstyles did you choose? Are you doing a change-up midway too?

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