Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Month Left

Well, it's about that time. After seven long months of planning, I've finally hit that 30 day mark. And guys, I can't wait! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. This weekend my girls are all coming down to my house for a wedding craftapalooza. We'll assemble programs, utensil sets, pole buckets, and drill holes in exactly one million cans so we can paint them and be done with the centerpieces. It's gonna be intense, y'all! These next few weeks will be stuffed full of preparation and progress, I'm going to jump on the dreamer's bandwagon and draw up a little wish list of what I'd love to have, but can never happen.

How I would adore a jukebox wedding. Papa SD is a huge fan, and has one in his office he plays every night. He even found another one for Mr. SD and I to enjoy, though it will play records, it's not fully functional yet. But how awesome would it be to hook this sucker up to the park sound system, load it full of records, and have our guests set the playlist? Um, yes please! But it's just not in the cards for us, no matter how much I wish it were so.

A sparkler send off. Unfortunately we just don't have the budget for this. We're thinking more along the lines of birdseed, though one friend even suggested oats. Oats, huh? I had to stop and ponder that for a minute. Since rice is a huge no nowadays, oats seems to evoke the same sentiment of fertility and plenty. Anybody aware of negative environmental impacts of oats?

Favors. I'm the shizz at microwave bread and butter pickles, I'll toot that horn. In a dream world, I'd make a jar for every guest. But again, the budget says "No dice!"

There are dozens of other things I could rattle off that I'd love to have at our wedding. Signature drinks, real china, mason jar glasses (can you tell I'm obsessed with mason jars?) But not only have I learned to live without, I've thought up unique, crafty alternatives to the things I couldn't have. And you know what? Our wedding will be perfect. 

What have you had to give up because of your budget? Did you come up with a great alternative?

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