Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knocked Off: Swedish Bed

When Bestie C was brainstorming furniture for her new snazzy apartment, we knew building a Knock Off Wood bed was on the agenda. At first, she wanted a simple platform bed with metal tube feet, and was going to huge an over-sized IKEA canvas of New York as her headboard. Then she saw the Swedish Bed. And she fell in love.

We built the frame out of 1x10's and the "guts" were reclaimed wood from my Dad's barn (to cut down on costs). She painted it a flat black using mistint paint pints from McCoy's that were $1 each. The total cost for the bed (including the legs and a sofa table from the scraps that I'll cover another day) was under $175. And is gorgeous as well as durable. I love how versatile paint is, she can always shake things up a little and paint it a punchy red or turquoise someday. For now, I'll just admire her simplicity of a classic black choice.

The pipe legs were from Lowe's, and they're threaded for easy installation. Her first choice of 10" proved to be much too tall after she plopped on her enormously tall pillow-top mattress. So we exchanged them for the 6" version for a much more balanced look. The one catch is that I helped her sew the duvet cover using the full/queen bedding from Target. We didn't know at the time she'd pick a pillow-top mattress that adds about 18" of height all around. So it's a bit short. She was pretty disappointed when she put it on the bed. Her dad's simple solution: buy a cotton blanket that's lightweight and black to cover up the bright sheets, and everyone will be none-the-wiser! Sometimes parents are good for something ;)

It's the perfect height for watching TV on her hand-me-down Walmart dresser.I think it all looks great, and her bed is beautiful enough to last a lifetime. Great job Bestie C!

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