Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Just Can't Be With You Like This, Anymore

I had big dreams. Plans of a two-tier, simply decorated cake with a handmade cake topper. It looked like this.

I hate you, cake topper. You got damaged in the big move and now you're all floppy. And I'm just kind of tired of you anyway. You're just a little too home-made looking. So now what?

1. I'm reducing the amount of cake. I decided to make a budget move, and make the bottom tier of the cake fake. I'll still decorate it, but I figure I'll save lots of moolah that way, and can easily get the height I want.
2. I'll make my top tier. Should be easy-peasy (or my famous last words!) I'll whip it up the week before. How hard can one little 8" tier be?

3. I need some icing options. For you baking whizzes, what withstands heat the best? I know buttercream is out. Fondant may be a little shaky. Do you have any suggestions?

4. Revamp the design. I'm thinking something like this:

Basically I'm going to pick something out with the cricut cake and slap it on there! I'm tempted to buy Sure Cuts A Lot so I can use designs from our wedding invitations and programs. It's a possibility. But as you can tell, the cake really doesn't matter to me. It's not a big deal. I don't like eating it (as in, ever), and I really wish Mr. SD and his mama would let me get by with just pies. But nooooo, it's not a wedding without cake! And as crazy non-traditional I'm being with the rest, I'm giving in on this one. And I'd be ashamed of myself if I let it suck. So here I am, just under 7 weeks out, rethinking my entire cake decision. Sigh.

Did something you planned early on get tired and old once your planning progressed? Did you just live with it or toss it out and plan something new?

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