Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bridal Cake Alternatives

As you now know, my attempt at decorating a lovely wedding cake was a complete flop. So now what do we do? Well, to recount what we already have, there's:

A Groom's Cake


So we've got a lotta chocolate going on. And I'm so in love with s'mores that I'll probably eat fifty and wind up with marshmallow all over my face. Anyway, now that we don't have a wedding cake on the menu, I have to come up with some sort of acceptable alternative to cut and feed each other. We'll get the iconic photos as well as placate the FMIL. Or maybe I should just call her FML? Anywhoodle. I was totally on board with something like this:

A super cute assortment of pies, all the ones I love. Pecan and apple and peach and buttermilk and you-name-it! We have $125 to go crazy with pie. Three dessert choices seems like more than enough. Plus, we can still put a very fancy-looking pie on a cake-plate and toss on our topper. That is, until I laid eyes on this baby:

A rice krispy cake?!? For the realz? That's kind of the best thing ever. And it seems pretty darn simple to make, I'd just have to wrangle up containers of the right size to make the proportions look right. I'd want a circular one, of course, and most likely 2 tiers. Plus, making it is fifty trillion times easier than baking and decorating a cake. Let's make a comparison list, shall we?

- long time favorite
- lots of flavor options
- simple and cheap to buy, pretty full proof execution
- big, fun impact
- still pretty unique

Krispy Cake:
- Still looks like a cake
- easy and cheap to make, but can still have something go wrong
- incredibly unique, I've never seen this in person before
I don't know, I'm so torn! What should I do, hive? Help me pick!

a) pie bar
b) Rice Krispy Cake


js said...

i saw this in the martha stewart sept 2010 magazine and was like OMG that is awesome. it's an idea for your wedding cake. if you like oreos this is for you!

let me know what you think!!

katy.hart said...

Rice Crispies!! Def. So unique I wish I had seen this before we got married last year because we soooooow ould have done it!! :o)

susank2000 said...

I vote for the rice krispy cake! But you don't know me, I'm just a random visitor to your blog, so my vote prob doesn't count for much. Here are some things to think about in regards to the "photo moment" when you two cut the cake/dessert and feed it to each other with cameras clicking:

* Cutting a small pie together just isn't very dramatic. You can't easily pick up a piece of pie to feed each other. Pie will require utensils. If you use a fruit pie, like cherry, to feed each other and some falls onto your dress you may get a permanent stain, or at least an unpleasant colored stain for the rest of the evening.

* A rice krispy cake can be more wedding-like because you can have tiers and decorations. The two of you can cut it together with a knife, just like a regular cake, only it will be a bit more firm. It is easy to pick up your cut piece and feed each other since it won't fall apart, and it won't stain your dress.

You could do different flavored tiers of RK, like one tier with chocolate chips, one with peanut butter, one plain, one with chocolate frosting, etc, which would give a bit of variety like having various pies. And since RK is infinitely shapable just by cutting the design with a knife, you could do any shape you want (tip: practice with foam). And you could still put on your cake topper :-)

Brooke said...

I never knew you could put chocolate chips or pb chips in Krispies! That's a pretty awesome idea. The blog may sound a bit strange, it's because I blog over at weddingbee where we have pseudonyms, and I'm Miss Sand Dollar. But thank you for stopping by to comment! I've pretty much decided on the rice krispies cake, so long as I don't completely screw up making it ;)

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