Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hive, I need a card box. It seems that the hick-town crowd ain't too tech savvy. We've had zero, count it, zero contributions to our honeymoon registry. And with us one month out from W-Day, I need to come up with a Plan B should guests decide to go straight for the source. So what kind of card box should I use that will fit in with our day?

My first thought ran to a pair of boots. Cute, yeah? It would totally fit in, but we'd have to have a sign of course. It seems people around these parts are pretty thick. Next candidate...

A chic, large lantern. How cute is this? I love this idea. And Ross is a prime source of giant lanterns on the cheap.

Use one of our super cute buckets. Most of them are being used to create support pole bases for the chuppah and our dance floor area. But I could spare a couple for a little card catchin'. 

What are your ideas for creative card boxes? Hit me up, ladies!

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js said...

i vote for the lantern! it's bigger... the boot may be to small for all the cards full of money you are going to get!

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