Friday, August 13, 2010

Bestie C's New Place!

Bestie C recently moved across her apartment complex, and took advantage of her new "single living" situation to decorate! She decided on teal, red and black for her colors. And I think she did an excellent job pulling it all together! Check it out:

I was lucky enough to be able to hand down most of my furniture to her, instead of worrying about selling/trashing it. She bought a pair of natural slip covers from IKEA, and dyed them red. Remember when these suckers were purple?

They look absolutely stunning now. I had used a powder dye, which resulted in a stonewashed look. She chose the liquid route, and has much smoother color.

Behind her couches lies a "landing zone" (thank you Apartment Therapy, for forever redefining that phrase for me!) that we built out of her Swedish Bed scraps. It's a little bit wobbly since we built it while a little bit tipsy, but you can hardly tell ;) I think it turned out fabulous!

And that dining table and chairs should look familiar too...
They're real wood, so I was loathe to let them go. I'm happy they found a nice new home, and I didn't have to drag them to Lake Jackson.

Her guest bedroom doubles as a study, as well as kennel storage. I love the bedding she chose, and that fun mirror from IKEA! This really is a grown up collegiate apartment.

Of course I have to mention her stunning Swedish Bed. That end table as well as this dresser also lived with me in days past.

It looks so much better with a coat of black paint. She also redid a stool from G-ma's house. It received a layer of teal paint and some of the matching fabric from the bedding. I think this is the detail that makes the whole apartment. I am green with envy!

So cute! I love how chic this antique piece has become. Plus, I love bright paint colors. So it's a win-win!

Congrats Bestie C, on your new, chic apartment. It looks fantastic!

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OctPumpkin said...

You're right, that stool is awesome. I love repurposing old items and making them relavent again!

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