Monday, July 19, 2010


Mr. SD is in a dangerous line of work, high-voltage electricity plants. They're forbidden to wear jewelry of any kind, especially necklaces and rings for their conductive properties. Even wood is forbidden, so there goes even that option. So what do we do? We've discussed getting him a token ring he can wear when he's not at work. If we do, it won't exactly be an investment piece. We're thinking something like this.

A simple Titanium band from Overstock for about 40 bucks. Or, going to James Avery and picking something out since we have a location in Waco. Maybe one of these?

Mr. SD likes simple and clean designs, and I think all of these are good options. Ideally I'd love for him to have a ring to wear around when he can. And like mine, we plan to start off cheap and upgrade a little later (around year 5). 

Anybody else have a partner who can't wear a ring the majority of the time?

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