Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where My Girls At?

The SD Bridesmaids have an easy lot in life. As our wedding is pretty darn casual, we decided to make things as simple as possible for the guys and gals standing up with us. I wanted my ladies to love me without having to spend an extra dime on a dress and shoes and accessories just for one day. So, I decided: Let them wear black! Every lady has a LBD, and this will add to the country chic vibe we've got going. Bridesmaid N above is modeling her choice, and I believe she already wore it in another wedding. Double duty!

Sister SD shows me her choice as well (though I may convince her to wear the black ruffle Express dress, I wore the pink one at our San Marcos Shindig). The one request I made was for them to wear cowboy boots. Every gal has a pair, and I don't even care what color they are. I've seen brown boots go great with a black dress when there's a boho leather belt involved. I know one is going red, and a couple will wear black. I really hope they play it up with loads of chunky jewelry and fun accessories. And the butterfly bouquets will really pop against the black!

Anybody else letting their bridesmaids wear their own dresses? What did they pick?

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