Friday, July 23, 2010

Super Fan

Soooooo.... I got my programs designed! I wanted to keep the style and theme similar to our save the dates and invites. Since we're having a laid-back ceremony, and keeping it at about 10 minutes, I decided not to include an order of events. Here's what I came up with for the front.
I love it! Sums up our entire event. And for the back, I channeled my inner Twilighter.

Aaaah! It's so cute. Mr. SD says he's telling all his friends he had nothing to do with the "teams" (even though he's seen every Twilight at the theater with me). I'm printing each on a separate page, and making fans by sandwiching a fat popsicle stick and a piece of larger kraft cardstock in between and tying it with raffia. I've done this a fair few times for other brides. I do a lot of invites!

And yes, I'm aware of what number these paisleys resemble. But I didn't do her invitations, just her programs. And this motif was on the invite, so it stayed. I like it though. She just needed more mature guests than a slew of college boys.

These will be pretty close, except I'll add the cardstock. Like this.

Pretty, yes? We also spray painted her sticks. This little lady will be in my wedding too! I have some extra paint left from my cans, perhaps we'll spray them. Or keep it natural. I haven't decided.

Anybody else doing DIY programs? What are yours like?


Lynette Coughlin and Erin Kincaid said...

Love the Teams! How very clever! But then again that is why we love everything you do!

Christiana (us meets uk) said...

haha, I am loving the team jacob/team brooke!

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