Monday, July 5, 2010

Rust Free Living

Renovating a house has been no small task. It seems like we've been working for years, even though it's just been three months. Normally we only have a weekend to try to make headway, but this week I have five whole days! I'm excited to really crank out some progress. One thing that has really been bugging me is the rusty, stained bathtub. Here's the before.

See those hideous spots? There's more under the rug. So my first item on the agenda was to conquer that tub. Bestie C and I gave it our best shot the last time we were down, and nary a Kaboom, Coke, or lemon juice solution was to be found. Until today while strolling through Lowe's I happened upon a pumice stone. An magic happened.

Check out my rust-free tub! Now I don't have to shudder at the thought of taking a bath. I just sprayed on a little rust remover and went to town with that pumice. And it's glorious. Now all we're waiting on are a couple of faucets and our bathroom will finally be done!

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