Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ring Solutions

Another ring post?! Sorry, hive. But, for all you brides out there with spouses in the electrical industry, I have an answer!

Ceramic rings! Thanks for all your suggestions on the last post, it inspired me to keep looking for more options. It seems that ceramic is an insulator, and won't conduct electricity! How awesome is that? Not only are they extremely affordable and durable, Mr. SD can wear it every day on the job and have no worries. Plus, they rarely scratch or break. We went to Kay jewelers to try on a few, they actually have a pretty good selection. You have a few color choices, Kay offered black, white, and pink. We ended up using West Coast Jewelers on Amazon, as they offered the 6mm profile Mr. SD was after for 20 buckaroos. Yup, for the low low price of $26 including shipping, we have his ring! We're over the moon. For all those guys out there eying tungsten and titanium, but choke at the price (or the fear of never getting it cut off!), you may want to look into ceramic.

What kind of ring did your SO choose? Traditional, or crazy modern?

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