Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not Your Average Registry

Mr. SD and I have a rather common situation for couples nowadays. We've both been living on our own for a while (he decided to enter the workforce before he went to college), so we have pretty much everything we need in housewares. In fact, if I see another pair of tongs I might scream. So when it came time to decide on a registry, it was easy: honeymoon registry! To sum it up, it's a newer, more polite way to ask for cash. You sign up for an account (we chose, then fill up your registry with activities. For example:

 We started with our cruise accommodations and excursions. You estimate how much the total cost would be, then you can split it up into smaller gift options (so, $250 into 10 gifts of $25. It's fun!

You can choose to use the options they provide (and it's customized based on your type of vacation) or write up a description on your own. So far we haven't received anything, as we've yet to send out invitations. But guests can pay online with a card or checking account, or even mail in a check if they want. Then we can either link it to our bank account or withdraw using paypal. I can't wait to see things start rolling in, and to finally leave on our honeymoon!

Any other brides out there with a honeymoon registry? Which website did you choose? 


Christiana said...

Chris and I had a honeymoon lots of green from it and lots of great comments from gift givers.

Suzy Min said...

we are doing this too! altho I think we are going with honeyfund?? why did you choose honeymoon wishes???

Brooke said...

It was the first one we found! We're cool like that. Research smesearch ;)

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