Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Knocked Off: Quiltrack

G-ma has quite a few gorgeous quilts from her hey-day. When my mom and I were cleaning out the bathroom cupboards, we found her stash. Too beautiful to be tucked away in the dark, we had to figure out a way to display them. Instead of going with cheap mdf options from Target or Walmart, we spent $30 on three 1x10x6' boards, a 6' dowel rod, and the leftover leg pieces from the posts on the Farmhouse Table. I came up with the design myself, which is a total first for me. It just hit me, and ended up being the perfect (and simplest!) solution to our problem.

I left two 6' boards uncut, and chopped the third into 3 equal 2' pieces. I drilled a hole in the center piece for the dowel to run through, then drilled them all together. You can't see the dowel here, as it's covered in quilts, but you get the idea. Drill on a few little leg posts, and boom, done! We painted it white, and it's absolutely perfect. I can't get over the fact that I not only built it all by myself (not that it was difficult in the least), but I designed it! In my head! It just walked on in there and I knew exactly how I was going to do it. As a total newbie to carpentry and woodworking, it really gives me hope that I'll excel at this hobby I love so much. Simple, cheap, handmade solutions are what I love the most. And this quilt rack really hits the spot.


js said...

this is an amazing solution to my own problem. thank you so much. however i am very scared i won't be able to do it myself or know what to buy, etc...but i love love it! and want to try.

Brooke said...

It really was easy! And very cheap. I'd totally encourage you to tackle a project by yourself, the worst that could happen is you'd be out 30 bucks, or have to have someone a little more experienced come help you. You only get good after a little practice ;)

susank2000 said...

I really do love your design. It's narrow enough to go against a wall, holds 4 quilts, and has a handy shelf above (which I bet also helps the quilts accumulate less dust). Very smart! I found this post from your Flickr posting.

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