Friday, July 9, 2010

My Kind of Work Week

I've had a crazy busy week working on the house and getting it move-in ready. It's hard to believe that I'll be down in just three weeks! This was the last time I'll be able to really hammer down and get a lot done, and boy how it's changed. It finally looks like a cute home, and not just g-ma's house. The Boy's sister and I really put our noses to the grind and accomplished so much. The biggest of which was painting the living and dining rooms. It looks fantastic!

I also painted the wood floor in the guest room as it was in pretty bad shape. Unfortunately it peels and scrapes pretty bad, so it's already in need of touch ups. I'm hoping once everything's moved in the worst of the damage will be done and I won't have to touch up every few weeks.

I also touched up the master bedroom walls and trim, and it's officially completed. Nothing like finally being able to check items off your to-do list!

Our bathroom is really taking shape as well. Now that the tub is all sparkling clean, as well as the toilet, it's like a whole new room. Our last task is to lasso the Boy's dad to install our faucets and we're back in working order.

Seeing everything start to come together has really improved my nerves. I was incredibly anxious that things wouldn't be done on time and I'd be moving into a construction zone. But we'll have this upcoming weekend to fit in a little more work around a friend's wedding, and then the next time we're down will be my move-in!

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