Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Knocked Off: Farmhouse Vanity

It's finally time! After posting teasers ages ago, we've finally finished installing the sinks and faucets in the Farmhouse Vanity. Here's another close up before we get to the good stuff.

We still have to hook the hardware up to the plumbing, but for now, it has the finished look. Remember we built both sinks for a total of $50. Nice when you consider one vessel bowl sink from a big box store costs over $100.

It's glorious. I love the plan, the way it fits, the gorgeous stain, everything. I plan on sewing a skirt for around the bottom inside edge so the repaired sheetrock isn't so noticeable. Here's a close up of the sink.

Don't you just love it? I love the hammered texture and the color. And Papa T (the Boy's dad) picked us up some great faucets (he's a plumber, and we scored them for free!) I can't wait until we get them hooked up and they're functional. Brushing your teeth in the kitchen sink gets old after a while.

Cost was about $60 for this vanity, not including the sinks and faucets. Totally worth it. It's exactly what we wanted, and I could stare at that wood grain all day long.


fhmaughan said...

Love it !

fhmaughan said...

Love it !

Loni said...

I just saw this on Ana's Blog, OMG! This is absolutely gorgous! I wish my bathroom was large enough for my to knock-off yours! Great Great Job!

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